Learn To Tie Sperrys: A guide for lacing Boat Shoe

Learn To Tie Sperrys: A guide for lacing Boat Shoe

Learn To Tie Sperrys: A guide for lacing Boat Shoe


Originals are indeed authentic but there are many ways for tying it and make a unique and differentiated in your style. Are you the one who wants to learn various ways of tying a barrel knot, fishtail knot, chain knot, or tassel knot or looking out for the best tips as to how you can re-lace your boat shoes? Then get started,

Tying Sperrys: Barrel knot

You can call it a barrel lace or even the heaving knot. It is in the form of a classic boat shoe look which brings in boatloads of the compliments.

  • Here you can have a look at the steps as to how to tie this barrel knot

  • Fold your lace over itself and take a look. Then, twist this loop.

  • Wrap your remaining lace around this loop for around five times.

  • Thread the lace ends through the loop’s end and pulls the lace end while making a tight knot of your shoes.

  • Trim the excessive lace, if any.

Tying Sperrys: Fishtail knot

There are many fishes in the sea. The best way for making your own is by easily tying them using the below-mentioned easy steps.

  • Insert your laces into eyelets in vertical form

  • Cross the laces and bring each side up & over your loop on its opposite sides.

  • Repeat the same three times

  • Tighten & trim excess lace if any,

  • Tuck your laces ends behind its braid.

  • Tighten and trim any excess lace.

Tying Sperrys: Chain Knot

This type of chain lace is an inspiration from a sailing knot which is used for shortening or decorating the rope. All you need to do is,

  • Begin by making a loop, make sure your lace come across its front

  • Make your second loop with the other hand

  • Push your second loop through its first one and go in from its back

  • Pull it hard for tightening

  • Repeat the same for three-four times

  • Tuck the end of your lace in its final loop present at the end of your knots

  • Tuck ends of each chain in one another

Tying Sperrys: Tassel knot

This tassel knot helps in putting a “twist” on the barrel knot. It is an amazing way of avoiding the retying of your shoe when you put them on. You can start it easily with the following steps:

  • Cross the laces left over its right and then right over its left and again left for making a square knot.

  • Hold your lace for forming a loop

  • Wrap your unused lace around its loop three times

  • Tuck its end and tighten it well

On the other hand, there are some easy ways to relace the boat shoes. Follow the quick steps mentioned below.

  • Tape the end of your laces

  • Take a needle and place the lace end’s in it

  • Start by lacing through eyelids inside bottom from one side

  • Push your needle in each eyelet

  • Flatten up your shoe’s back for letting the needle to be in stable condition

  • Thread your needle through outside of your last eyelet on its bottom

  • Remove the needle from your lace

  • Finish by quickly crossing laces through its last eyelets and you are done.

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