LED Shoe History: From Ravers To Kiddos

LED Shoe History: From Ravers To Kiddos

LED Shoe History: From Ravers To Kiddos

You must have worn the cool lit up shoes when you were a small kid. Now the LED shoes have made a great comeback not only for teenagers but also for adults. What is the history behind these LED shoes, let’s have a look.

Remember those lit up shoes when you watched your heel light up whenever you took one step ahead, showing them to your friends and much more. The light up shoes was a real craze for all the babies in the 1990s.


How sneakers turned out the high-tech accessory?


First sneakers

Before introducing light up sneakers in the market, the shoes were coming in a plain and uniform design. There was no difference in right and left shoes. In the year 1917, the first shoe with a rubber sole got introduced. Such shoes were given a tag of “sneakers” as the wearer could hassle-free “sneak up” on someone with it.

Its comfort level made them highly popular for regular use, despite their initial athlete market.


Fashion and Tech

Soon the companies started marketing expensive product lines. The sneakers were then available in colorful designs with amazingly accentuated logos for making a statement in nightclubs.

The podiatrists started working with the companies for making amazingly designed for the athletes in the hope to enhance performance, and reduce injuries. This creation of inflatable shoes came in the year 1990 for customizing shoes in the shape of the wearer’s foot.


The craze of LED shoes started

In the year 1992, the craze of LED shoes started. The shoes that light up had light at the heel of their shoes which got light up every time the heel touched the ground. However, these LED sneakers had one designing flaw, which stated that these sneakers faded easily.

The batteries attached also had mercury which was unsafe and with this revelation, many of the parents stopped buying them and even Minnesota banned its sale completely.

Soon after, the public gradually lost interested in these sneakers, but a 1990s kid still remembers it’s fun and magical sneakers.


The craze of LED revamped

For the 1990s kids, these shoes were the first electronic gadget that they ever had. The lighting up shoes are the real sneakers and better than ever now. It has lights which encircle the whole shoe, not only its heel.

It has safe rechargeable batteries that can be charged with USB. They have now made a fierce comeback in the sneaker industry. Great thanks go to this expansion of LED shoes. The same people that wore them in their kid life, are now wearing them in their adulthood.

Even if you don’t want your shoes to light up all the time, you can save your battery with its turn on/off button which is available on shoes ankle. Isn’t it cool?


So what are you waiting for? Get ready to buy these ledshoes and wear them to raves, festivals, parties which come in various LED patterns, color options and many more for making it a magical accessory for all.

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