Liberating Your Suede Shoes from Mildew

Liberating Your Suede Shoes from Mildew

Liberating Your Suede Shoes from Mildew


Mildew easily grows on shoes whenever it finds a suitable atmosphere full of moisture. Yes, it is possible to remove the mold from your shoes but your shoes will not remain the same after the treatment of the mildew. So, to avoid any major damage on your suede shoes, the mildew needs to be treated from the very beginning.

 Liberating Your Suede Shoes from Mildew


The suede made shoes like custom printed slides have a delicate material and have to be treated with the utmost care. When the mildew starts growing on the shoes, and is in its initial stages, from that very moment the treatment of the mildew should be started so that the mold does not grow and covers the entire part of the shoe.


The suede is a delicate material and has to be dealt with carefully. The cleaning process of the suede personalized slide shoes has to be a gentle one. Here is a method with steps that you need to follow to get rid of the mildew from the suede shoes.



Step 1: The mildew is highly spreadable and even if a small pore gets over a thing, it will start to grow. So, first, take the suede outside the house in an outdoor area and use a scrub to carefully wipe away the spores from the suede.

Take the suede custom slides cheap inside your house and use the vacuum cleaner to suction the leftover pores on the suede. The garbage bag needs to be disposed of properly in a dustbin and the proper disposal of the spores filled garbage bag is necessary so that the spores do not get spread over other areas.


Step 2: Then take some petroleum jelly on a piece of cloth and rub the petroleum jelly on the affected mildew part of the suede shoes.


Step 3: make a solution of equal parts of warm water and vinegar and dip the sponge in the solution. Squeeze out the sponge and rub it on the personalized fur slides made of suede. The sponge has to be dabbed on the shoes until all the mildew does not gets removed.


Step 4: It is also very important to draw out the moisture from the suede. So take a clean dry cloth and place it over the suede as well as below the suede and start pressing the cloth so that it absorbs all the moisture from the suede. Continue this process until all the moisture is extracted from the suede.


Step 5: An air dryer has to be used to take out any of the excess moisture from the suede. Place the air dryer a foot away from the wholesale slides custom so that the suede shoes get dry without any damage or shrinkage. The fabric has to be dried off properly to avoid any further growth of the mildew.


Step 6: At the last use a suede brush and apply it on the suede in even strokes so that suede comes back to its natural form.


This is how you can also revive and save your suede shoes from getting damaged by mildew.


Liberating Your Suede Shoes from Mildew

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