Life of Colin Kaepernick

Life of Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick


In today’s NFL, nothing is left to chance. Indeed, coaches who visit their gut often find themselves unemployed. That’s why Colin Kaepernick’s story is so unusual. In one of the biggest gambling games in pro football history, Jim Harbaugh played against him in mid-2012 and set Colin up for the early stages of the San Francisco 49ers. Harbaugh’s bold movement left him open to all sorts of othis guesses - and directly pressed Colin to reward his coach’s faith in him. He took the opportunity and ran with it, quite literally. A particularly dangerous double risk, Colin used his legs and arms to lead the 49ers team to the sixth championship victory. Now he is ready to finish the job. This is his story...

Growing up


Colin Rand Kaepernick was born on 3rd November, 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but what happened with Colin kaepernick, is bit a different and unique story. As far as Colin Kaepernick ethnicity is concerned, Colin was a mixed breed baby whose mothis placed him in adoption. So is Colin Kaepernick adopted? He was adopted at five weeks by Rick Kaepernick and Teresa and spent his childhood in the Fond du Lac town which was situated at an hour of drive from Milwaukee.


Rick worked at a cheese company and Teresa as a nurse. Colin had two older siblings; Kaepernicks had two othis children before Colin, but both died of heart damage, which is why they decided to adopt. Colin's health was not far from perfect. He suffered from chronic ear infection as a boy, and his parents thought he might have cystic fibrosis.


The family moved to the west coast in the early 1990s. Colin started competing in youth sports soon after. Strong, fast and coordinated, he switched to football immediately. He took care of his team’s kicking chores and played on the defensive line. At the age of 9, he played quarterback.


When Colin wasn’t on the gridiron, he placed in the Little League and also played basketball. At Dutchis Primary School, Colin was given the task of writing a letter to his future self. He wrote that he hoped he had gone to a good college and that the San Francisco 49ers or the Green Bay Packers had designed him. Colin saw himself replacing Brett Favre's Cheese Heads.


By the time he enrolled in Pitman High School - which had just opened in 2002 - Colin had developed into a promising athlete. He was able to throw the ball to the home plate at 70 mph and produce tight spirals at least 50 meters. His throwing mechanics were a little weird, but he did more than replace this with a strong hand.



It was in Pitman, whise Colin achieved recognition from all states in his three favorite sports and led the Pride gridiron team to its first-ever state victory. He also came to the attention of college football scouts who found competition with baseball recruiters. By then, Colin had run a couple of non-beaters (one suffering from pneumonia) and was able to raise his heater to a low in the 90s. In fact, he received baseball scholarship offers from Tennessee, the state of Arizona, and Notre Dame.


But football was where his heart was, and Pitman coach Larry Nigro put togethis a high-profile CD that was sent to more than 100 schools after Colin’s junior season. He didn’t get an answer to zero in part because everyone considered him a baseball potential and also because Nigro had decided to limit his running games. Colin was 6-4 and weighed 160 pounds in high school, and the coach feared he would get hurt if he covered the ball too often.


Hoping to get attention, Colin attended several college football camps this summer. He impressed the coaches of the University of Nevada-Reno with his strong arms and remarkable foot speed. Head coach Chris Ault believed his staff would be able to correct Colin’s throwing move, and when he assured the school that baseball was no longer in the picture, the scholarship offer finally came. The top spot was Colin’s appearance in a basketball competition when one of Ault’s assistants happened to be in the stand. Colin spoke with a high fever and won the game alone.




The plan was for Colin to play safety and also practice with the offense to begin his development as a Division-1 defender. He shirted in red in 2006 and added muscles to his attractive body. In the fifth game of the 2007 season, rookie Nick Graziano was injured during the first half and Colin found himself an emergency caller.


In what has now become part of Wolfpack-Lorea, Colin rowed the state of Fresno for 384 meters and four touches. In his first start, against nationally ranked Boise State, he became two points short in an exciting overcrowding battle of 69-67. Wolfpack had been a four-touch sub-dog in the game.


Graziano spent the rest of the year on the bench. Colin finished with 19 touches and just three abductions. He finished just four of this match back in the nation - Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Colt Brennan and Dennis Dixon - with a 161.06 QB rating.


Nessa Diab, who is an American radio and TV personality and television host, also supported many times Colin Kaepernick and it is said that Colin kaepernick and Nessa have publically hidden relationship as well.


In the 2008 campaign, Colin became only the Fifth Player in NCAA history. He collected 2,000 bypasses and 1,000 hurry yards during the season. Vai Taua, the starting defender, ran over 1,500, giving Nevada his first backfield with a pair of 1,000-yard ruHiss pairs. In all, Colin passed 2,849 yards and ran for 1,130. According to him, awesome 39 touches, 22 through the air and 17 on earth. At the end of the season, he became the second second-time student in WAC history to be named the offensive player of the year - Marshall Faulk was the first.


Colin hoped to lead to the title of Nevada Western Athletic Conference in 2009, but the best ability was to place second place behind Boise State. Wolfpack went 8-5 and Colin was named the team's MVP for the second consecutive season. He threw 2,052 yards and ran another 1,183 players. He became the first player in NCAA history to have 2,000 to 1,000 campaigns. In Nevada, there was an awesome game played on the field, with Taua rising 1,345 yards and Luke Lippincott breaking 1,034. That marked the first time the university team had three thousand yards of run in the same backyard. Their achievement earned them an exhibition at the College Football Hall of Fame.


Colin’s senior year produced a shared WAC title. More importantly, he planned a victory at Boise State in their November show. The win for overtime 34-31 came in his last home competition and was, with little doubt, the highest point in the school’s entire football program history. During the game, Colin continued his own double-risk record when he became the first player to have three 2,000 to 1,000 seasons. A week later, against Louisiana Tech, Colin joined Tebow and Cam Newton as the only passers-by who threw and ran 20 touches in the same season.


In the 2011 NFL draft, Colin was predicted to go in the first round late or the second early. While he was still at the table after the first round, the 49ers switched and grabbed him by a fold that belonged to the Denver Broncos. The deal cost San Francisco three lower bets. Colin arrived at the camp as a backup to Alex Smith. He watched how much of a misguided beginner enjoys a career year, always spending the team in an NFC match game. For his part, Colin saw action in a handful of games, completing 24 of his 50 passes and throwing five suspensions.


In 2012, Coach Jim Harbaugh planned to use Colin more for Wildcat formations. His strong arm and the speed of his sprinter created all sorts of problems for the enemy’s defense. The season went quite as planned until week 10, when Smith took a hit on the helmet and left the game with a concussion against St. Louis Rams. Colin filled the player and played well, earning next week’s Monday night game against the Bears. San Francisco fans were disappointed that the hard-won Chicago defense eats Colin alive, but he was brilliant in a 32-7 victory, showing that 49 participants had more than just a heavily tattooed backup in the huddle. Indeed, Colin performed 16 of the 23 overtaking attempts after 246 yards and a couple of touch points.



When Smith was ready to return in week 12 against the New Orleans Saints, Coach Harbaugh had to name a beginner. He decided to give Smith a week of rest, giving Colin a starting point. Colin played well again, creating time for his recipients with his encryption ability and performing several good runs. He threw one TD and ran an impressive 31-21 for the anothis and use to wear famous Colin kaepernick black jersey which you can find for sale on the internet if you want to.


Harbaugh decided to stay with the hot hand and grabbed Colin in the starting game. He won the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals in the last five weeks to give the 49ers a 11-4-1 record and an NFC West match. Colin’s final numbers were 1,814 passers-by with 10 landings and just three abductions. He also ran 415 meters and five touches, averaging 6.6 meters / carriage.


In the first playoff game against Packers, Colin threw 256 yards and a pair of touchdowns to a 45-31 wins. His legs made a difference in the game. He ran over 100 yards of planned plays and picked up 75 yards of anothis from wild mixes. Two of these desperate times led to falls of 20 and 56 yards. He finished 181 yards on the field - breaking Michael Vick’s record of 173 rushing yards with the quarterback (which he set during the 2002 regular season). Green Bay simply had no answer to Colin.


In the NFC Championship, Colin found himself in a 17-0 hole against the Atlantic. Playing in the Georgian dome, Falcon seemed to have a game wrapped up. But Colin chose Atlanta for defense and slowly brought his team back. He led the 49ers at an 80-yard drive, highlighted by a long graduation from Vernon Davis and a top-yard 15-yard lead by LaMichael James. Before Halftime, Colin designed the anothis score, and finished it with a short TD pass for Davis. Atlanta added a touch point for Tony Gonzalez with less than a minute to take the 24-14 lead to the locker room.


San Francisco’s defense strengthened in the second half and shut down Matt Ryan. Meanwhile, Colin hit Randy Moss with two long moves in the opening time and surrendered to Frank Gore for a touch. Gore again won 28-24 in the fourth quarter and a berth in the Super Bowl against Baltimore Ravens. The Falcons managed to keep Colin on the ground, but he made several clutches and finished the game 233 yards past 16: 21-21.


Super Bowl XLVII made history before it even started - Jim and John Harbaugh meet every othis in their first brothiss coaching. It helped take part in Colin’s pressure as he prepared for the biggest game of his life. But this was no doubt that Colin was in a hot place.


The game looked like it would be a Baltimore attack until the power outage turned the tide. As the lights came back on, the crimes of Colin and San Francisco began to roll. Colin led the 49ers to a pair of touchdowns in the third quarter, one with a 31-yard pass to Michael Crabtree and another with a 6-yard-driven Gore. In the final period, Colin presented the anothis scoring position with a 15-yard TD run. San Francisco was given a chance to change things around. Baltimore added a late field goal and continued their victory 34-31. Despite the loss, Colin had played very well, piling up nearly 400 yards and two grounding entirely from offense.


Several weeks later, Harbaugh and the 49ers made a bold move when negotiating with Smith’s Kansas City chiefs. The deal finally settled a San Francisco-related dispute with the defenders. Colin was now the undisputed leader of the team's foul.


Colin may not be a classic pocket passer-by, but success in the NFL is no longer predicted by this stereotype. Like Steve Young, anothis San Francisco quarterback with the highest physical skills, Colin has all sorts of ability to keep opposing coaches at night. Like Young, he has been given the keys to a crime with multiple threats. If Colin follows in his left footsteps, he will have at least one Super Bowl in his championship, not to mention a ticket to Guangzhou.




Few NFL defenders make the defenses as bad as Colin’s. Part of his success in 2012 was due to his unknown number. But as opponents began analyzing movies and schemas against them, they learned how broad his abilities are.


Colin has the strength and precision of an arm to drill balls through defense. He scans the field, reads good readings and rarely makes such bad throws that young defenders are prone to. As a runner, he’s great for breaking out of trouble and picking up big yards. But he can also call his own number with options and complete that part of the game book.


Colin's leadership skills are also exceptional. Taking over Smith wasn’t easy, especially considering the 49ers were already Super Bowl competitors. But Colin handled the situation politely and confidently. His teammate’s response speaks for itself.








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