Money-Saving Tricks for Shoe Repair

Money-Saving Tricks for Shoe Repair

Money-Saving Tricks for Shoe Repair:

For many shoes is just an accessory, and many others consider it a perfect investment for their lifestyle. Some people are crazy enough to put an extensive collection of branded shoes into their wardrobe. However, many others prefer to design own shoe with a custom appeal.


But one common problem that each one of us experiences is the damaged or worn out parts of the shoes. When the heel of the shoe pops out, we need to rush to the cobbler to get it fixed. But maybe you are not always in a position to find a cobbler around. Well, it is high time to know some easy to follow and money-saving tricks for instant shoe repair. Just keep reading the details below to know the best ideas.


Few creative and money-saving tips for shoe repair:


Whether you own a custom-designed pair of sneakers or are looking for best ways to repair the branded shoes; Here we have listed few secrets from professional at FreakyShoes to help you fix your worn-out shoes fast:


  • Dealing with the scuff marks:


It is definitely amazing to customize your own jordans online, but those annoying scuff masks can ruin the appeal of the leather. Well, you can use some colourful markers to cover those marks creatively. Just apply the desired colour in a unique pattern and dab using a tissue. You may need to repeat the process a few times to fix it permanently. Make sure you use water-resistant colours.


  • Fixing your floppy soles:


You might be ready to try some unique ideas to design your own shoe for free. However, knowing the best ways to fixing those floppy soles may help you get rid of the ugly appeal on your old shoes as well. You can use high-quality glue to fix the sole and the upper portion of the shoe together. The local craft stores can help you find some of the best glues to do this task. Make sure you apply the glue evenly on the entire area and let it stick well before wearing your shoes again.


  • Sewing sandal strap:


If the strap of your old sandals has worn out, a heavy-duty sewing machine can do well to fix it back. Even if you are ready to create your own shoe design, this fixing technique can help you get the best results. In case if you don’t have the heavy-duty machine, you can try hand stitching using needle and thread.


Now you have gone through some best ideas to fix your old shoes. You can even try some DIY makeup ideas to create the ultimate design of shoes. Some of you may also need to follow simple and easy steps to label the tongue. Knowing these simple and creative ideas to own shoe design can help you maintain your extensive range of shoes with ease. It is the right time to check out some creative pairs of shoes online or prepare your own custom designs for the upcoming party.

Money-Saving Tricks for Shoe Repair

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