New Betsy Ross Flag shoe line is out by Freaky Shoes!

New Betsy Ross Flag shoe line is out by Freaky Shoes!

New Betsy Ross Flag shoe line is out by Freaky Shoes:



For the past 56 years, Nike, Inc. had its peaks and valleys as one of the biggest Athletic footwear & apparel, Athletic & recreational products, and Sports equipment companies in the world. Above all Nike has managed to stay in the limelight thanks to its quality products.


However, Nike had to pull its Betsy Ross shoe off the shelves because of the backlash that came from former NFL quarterback and spokesperson Colin Kaepernick.

People have mixed opinions about this Nike controversy. However, Nike isn’t the only brand that has been making Betsy Ross Flag products. In fact, Freaky Shoes is one of the quality brands that has newly released its own Betsy ross American flag shoes.


But why Nike backed down?


Colin Kaepernick’s criticism


First of all, Nike is a reputable brand that did most of its work properly. Not to mention Nike is empowering women in sports more than any other athletic brand in the world. Their business is expanded around the globe which means they obviously seek celebrity endorsement.


So, when the Nike Betsy ross American flag shoes were about to come out on the 4th of July 2019, Colin Kaepernick argued that the design is linked to slavery. He further claimed that the symbol in the design has been used by the extremist white nationalist groups in the old times. Hence, the design is said to be inappropriate.


Colin Kaepernick is a person who has been protesting the oppression of people of color for many years. According to the US tradition, "The Star-Spangled Banner", the national anthem is played before the sporting events and all the people are required to stand up and put their right hands over their hearts. However, since 2016 American athletes including Kaepernick have been protesting police brutality by kneeling on one knee during the national anthem.


"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,"

"To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder." (Colin Kaepernick NFL Media in 2016)

What is Betsy Ross Flag?


The United States flag wasn’t always the same. It involves backstories that date back to the American revolutionary era.


Betsy Ross was an upholsterer who lived in Philadelphia from (1752 – 1836). She used to manufacture tents, uniforms, and flags for Continental forces.

According to the stories, she was hired by a group of founding fathers for a new task which was to create a brand new U.S. flag.


This is why the historical flag is called the Betsy Ross Flag.

This early United States flag design has 13 red and white stripes that are placed alternatively. The other significant feature is the blue canton that contains 13 5-pointed stars. These stars are arranged in a circle.


The Betsy Ross Flag plays a huge role in signifying the 13 colonies in America and the American patriotism. These colonies fought hard for the country’s independence during the American Revolutionary War.


Betsy Ross Flag isn’t a flag that has been only used by Nike. It was used throughout history to portray the Americans’ strength.


As a matter of fact, in 1989, Betsy Ross Flag and the current U.S flag were used in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs seal to symbolize the veterans who fought for the country throughout history. The 2 flags together represent America’s journey from 13 colonies to 50 states.


Moreover, it is the United States tradition to display the Betsy Ross Flag during the US presidential inaugurations.


Is Betsy Ross Flag racist?


According to Charles Taylor, at, symbols don't reflect one particular thing for everybody. One might decode a symbol in a positive way and the other might take it in a negative way.

Especially, marketers try to convey messages to the customers expecting them to understand something in a general manner. However, these messages are understood by the receiver according to their own individual experiences and references.


For instance, according to the Wall Street Journal, President of the North American Vexillological Association stated that Betsy Ross Flag has never been related to racism. This group that studies flags’ symbolic meanings further said that they have never seen Betsy Ross Flag used by white nationalist groups widely.


It is hard to argue that Americans believing that the flag was a symbol of racism or slavery, prior to this Colin Kaepernick, Betsy Ross shoes incident.


All in all, this time the symbolism of the design got the better of Nike.


The main reason is, Nike’s products target a vast community. It is all over the world and quite diverse. As mentioned earlier, Colin Kaepernick, on the other hand, had interpreted the symbol in a different way. According to his perception, the flag is racist.


However, Nike’s decision on pulling the Betsy Ross sneakers off the shelves affects the majority who don’t perceive the flag as a racist symbol. Most of Nike’s target audience is in this very majority of the Americans.


So, according to Charles Taylor’s article, Nike is considering one person’s opinions and feelings over millions’.


Looking at a study conducted by YouGov by the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness, Charles Taylor says that 85% of the young Americans agreed to see the flag on the national day of America. This doesn’t necessarily prove that everyone adores the flag.

However, there is something to think about.


The other issue with Nike’s decision to pull the sneakers off the shelves is that company marketing decisions aren’t usually made by the endorsers. Considering the customer value, Nike has completely taken the endorser’s side rather than providing their loyal customers’ needs intentionally or unintentionally.


Imagine the revenue this company could’ve generated by making just one Nike Betsy Ross shoes sale?


Betsy Ross Flag shoe line By Freaky Shoes


Freaky Shoes has been providing quality footwear for everybody regardless of their age category and gender. Customers can pick any design to get printed on their shoes and stand out from the crowd. This time Freaky Shoes have gone the extra mile to provide what their customers have been craving.


Freaky Shoes is a company that has always been believing in the importance of patriotic sneakers. They realize that these shoes are a crucial need for their customers.

Not to mention, they are a proud American company that manufactures products worldwide and plans to expand its brand all over the United States.

Freaky Shoes never forgets about the brave troops that had given their lives to protect the American Freedom.

This Betsy Ross Flag shoe line is proof of respect and gratitude towards them.


  1. Men/women Betsy Ross American Flag Sneaker


Freaky Shoes introduces a brand new Betsy Ross American Flag Sneaker this season that is unique, beautiful, and breathable. The historical Betsy Ross flag is featured in this comfortable non-woven fabric that has a PU panel.


These new running sneakers have a lace-up fastening that will give you a perfect fit.

Betsy Ross Sneaker By Freaky Shoes is specially crafted to be super light and durable. These high skid-resistant, anti-abrasion, and shock-absorbing shoes have an air mesh for ventilation that will increase the maximum performance when you get in action.


This sneaker has a soft linen interior and a removable insole pad. The High-quality EVA sole will give you the arch support mimicking the natural foot posture.


You can choose the size you want from and enjoy the design you’ve been expecting all this time. You don’t have to comb through the internet typing “Betsy Ross flag Nike shoes for sale” when you have multiple options here on Freaky Shoes.


Tip - If you are a size 9, choose up- to size 10 for a better fit.


  1. Men/women Betsy Ross Flag Art Canvas Shoes


These 33.51 Oz Betsy Ross Flag Art Canvas Shoes are for those who adore stylish and personalized shoes. It is fully canvas on the upper and round toes. The classic look is given to the shoe by putting metal eyelets.


The maximum comfort is provided to these shoes by its lightweight structure and the soft inner lining. You can adjust your shoes for the perfect fit with the Lace-up closure.


Tip - If you are a size 9.5 - 10, choose up to size 12 for a better fit.




  1. Men/women Betsy Ross Flag Shoes


These gorgeous Betsy Ross Flag Shoes are specially created for running, workout, or casual occasions. This classic silhouetted shoe is 24.69 Oz that has a breathable, stitch-bonded, and non-woven fabric lining.


The breathable mesh quarter and foam tongue will provide you the ultimate comfort.

MD+RB outsole eliminates your fear of slipping while you are running or working out.


The print on the shoe will not fade, but remember to wash them by hand.


Tip - If you are a size 9.5 - 10, choose up to size 12 for a better fit.

You can look no further and buy these amazing and high-quality Betsy Ross shoes for just $69.95. Needless to say, If you purchase a banned Nike Betsy Ross sneaker from Ebay, it will cost you a lot more than you expect.


Why would you opt for Freaky Shoes?


There are many famous shoe brands out there. Why would you choose Freaky Shoes over them? This is a good question. The simple answer is Freaky Shoes team isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to provide their customers more than they expect and cherish their opinions.


Freaky Shoes doesn’t just give you what they have in the store. They provide exactly what the customer needs. They consider customers’ authority to choose and customize their own shoes. At Freaky Shoes, it’s not just one choice because they have unlimited options.


All you gotta do is pick up your preferred shoe from their collection that has multiple styles and the pattern or background art you need on your shoe. Not only that, but you can also add your own logo or any other unique design to your customized shoes.


In terms of printing and illustrations, Freaky Shoes have the upper hand from most of the high-end brands out there. The reason is, they have creative and original illustrations and phenomenal photographic images that can be printed on your shoes. Their factories that are located in the U.S.A and other countries exceed the manufacturing quality standards.


Their production team is responsible for matching the colors and determining the exceptional quality of the shoes. Depending on the customers’ design Freaky Shoes are more than happy to provide them the best end-product without dwindling their initial design quality.


Freaky Shoes have been around in the industry for a long time. Freaky Shoes is a well-established company and their know-how on the footwear game will be an added advantage for you. They have been making personalized boots, trainers, joggers, etc. for a trusted and loyal community for years.


Furthermore, Freaky shoes are up-to-date with current trends and customer needs. For instance, they have been designing these amazing Backless and open-toed sandals that are quite popular nowadays in the footwear field.


The bottom line is, every customer needs a great product that is worth their money. You can find many Betsy Ross sneakers on Ebay, but designing your own shoes or choosing your own Betsy Ross flag shoes is a great opportunity because they reflect your identity.


If you pay a certain amount and don’t acquire the result you’ve anticipated, a brand cannot retain its reputation in a cutthroat industry like this.


Freaky Shoes is a great and trusted platform for anybody who prefers to design and start their own custom shoe line from scratch. The expertise, creative designs, and resources are all given to you.


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