Pick The Right Shoe Which Fits

Pick The Right Shoe Which Fits

Pick The Right Shoe Which Fits:

A right shoe can help you end all your foot problems but a wrong pair of shoes can give rise to un-welcomed foot problems. There are several ways through which you can make the right choice while buying a perfect fit.

Follow the expert guidelines below to select the right pair.


Measure your feet

You should measure shoes 1 or 2 times in a year at any of the shoe store. Don’t be dependent on the foot measurement which was taken 10 years back.

The soft tissues and ligaments in your feet relax and stretch as one gets older. This causes the feet to change in size and shape. Make sure you measure your width, length and even arc of your feet.

  • You must get them measured when you are standing and not sitting

  • Measure the length of the arch which is measured heel to foot’s ball.


Try shoes for a better fitting

Avoid shopping for shoes without trying. Even if you have purchased the shoes online, make sure you wear them first. While trying the shoes, you must be ready with some handy shoe tips which includes,

Wear the right hosiery or socks

It is a must for you to wear socks or nylons which you wear normally with your shoe type while trying. For the dress shoes, wear them with hosiery and try them for a perfect fit. In case you are opting for outdoor shoes or athletic ones, wear thick socks with them.

Leave ½ inch in front of your shoes

There should be at least a difference of ½ inch between the end of your shoe front and the longest toe. This size can be the tip of your index finger or also of your pinky finger.

Leave 1/8 inch at your shoes back

You don’t want your shoes back to be very tight against your heels back. This can cause blister or skin irritation. It is acceptable to have 1/8 inch between your shoe and heel’s back.

Walk after wearing your shoes

When you are shopping for a new pair of shoes and now you have tried them for a fitting. Stand up, and take two rounds of the shoe shop in the same pair. Don’t walk around in one shoe, wear both the shoes and walk to know its merits.

If in case you are ordering shoes online, read its returning terms and conditions. It is because if it is not available in the right size and is not comfortable, then it will be of no use if there is no exchange option.



If you feel they are not apt for you, return them immediately. Moreover, you can go for laced shoes as they are easier to fit. They can adjust as per your needs and easier to stay on a fee. The shoes that come without laces cannot be adjusted due to different reasons.

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