Puma has been making headlines in basketball for a long time now. It is liked by all people, both in and out of courts. Puma Group is one of the leading industries in the production of athletic and artistry footwear. If you are a staunch basketball fan, you understand the impact Puma in the athletic market for seven decades. With several shoe brands in the market, have you ever thought why Puma has been conquering the stiff competition? Have you taken the time to know who made Puma? What makes Puma sustain its success without worrying about the close rivals like Adidas and Nike? In this blog, we are going to simplify some historical questions behind Puma success and look at some of its popular sneakers in the market.


Starting from the roots, when the name Puma strikes our ears, there come two names: Adolph and Rudolf Dassler. The two brothers initially owned another footwear company called Gebruder-Dassler Schuhfabrik., before falling out and each creating his own footwear company. If you didn’t know who created Puma, then here we are. Rudolf Dassler went his way and created Puma Footwear Company in 1948, while his brother went ahead and created Adidas Footwear Company. The two companies ruled the market at the same level. Is it not interesting how two brothers could compete with each other in the same field? Rudolf had nothing to worry about with his new company because he has extensive knowledge of footwear. This will tell you Puma had all it takes to withstand the stiff competition from its rivals. What criteria did Rudolf use to classify his brand? Let us briefly look at that.

Puma Categories.

Finding the best Puma sometimes can be challenging if you don't know exactly the features you are looking in them. You walk into the Puma store looking for the best sneakers for running, but you are still doubting are puma shoes good for running. Similarly, you cannot think of buying the trendiest sneaker without knowing how much puma shoes cost. To simplify the categories of Puma sneakers for you to have a quick choice in any store or online market, follow these tips:

Puma Category by Type.

When looking for Puma sneakers by its type, there are two aspects to choose from. Are they for sports or lifestyle? Not all sneakers are meant for games. Some are built for lifestyle or casual wear.

  1. Casual wear: Puma sneakers in this class are mostly tailored and fashion-made. Although they are made in the same athletic footwear industry, they are designed more for casual wear than field-oriented. However, some have been used severally in the courts before making their way to roads.

  2. Sports: For a long time now, Puma sneakers have been the leading footwear in the sports industry. Although it began its journey as an athletic brand, it has diversified its network in sport to be used in five significant games;

  • Football: Puma sneakers in this subcategory are designed for accuracy, speed, energy, power, and efficiency to enhance your level up in the football.

  • Running: Here, we are talking of neutral, race, stability, trail, and track spike. An example of Puma sneakers in this category is Carson Runner and Ignite. If you were asking are puma shoes good for running, then you have known it.

  • Training: Training sneakers should provide comfortability and maximum support in every movement of your workout. We shall get the best examples of sneakers to use for training in the list below.

Puma Category by Cut.

What kind of cut are you looking for? There are low-top, middle-top, and high-top. When choosing the best Puma sneakers to fit your ankles, this is the category to search in;

a. High-top: sneakers in this class are significantly over the ankles. They are majorly designed for basketball or sports-oriented since they provide maximum support to your feet. They also minimize ankle inversion. Some of the examples of sneakers with high tops are:

  • Sky II Hi Core

  • Sky II Hi Bball.

  • Puma Platform Mid Women’s High Top.

  • Blaze of Glory (B.O.G.) Limitless Hi evoKNIT.

b. Mid-top: Mid-top cut generally does not extend beyond the ankles. This kind of sneakers gives little more support than low-tops, some having lockdown features for stable ankles. Examples include;

  • Puma Rebound Street SD.

  • Puma Play P.R.M.

  • Puma Fierce Core.

c. Low-top: Low-top sneakers are generally cut below the ankle. The best feature in this class if electric mobility and quickness. If you are looking for Puma sneakers to roam around your neighbourhood with easiness, pick lo-top shoes. Popular sneakers with low-top cuts include;

  • Puma Icra Trainer.

  • Puma Ignite Limitless.

  • Puma Smash Buck.

  • Puma Suede Emboss Iced Fluo.

Puma Category by Inspiration.

The purpose of the shoe also inspires the choice of Puma sneakers. For instance, you might ask what inspired Rudolf who created Puma? Was he making the Puma sneakers as running, training, or basketball shoes? In this category, you will need the same features as sports shoes or casual shoes. Your purpose for the shoes either in the arena or on the roads should drive you to pick the right Puma sneakers. Additionally, picking casual sneakers, I also inspired by most sports shoes. Examples of basketball-inspired casual shoes are; Puma Basketball Classic, Puma Clyde Core Foil, and Puma Suede Super.

Popular Puma Sneakers.

After briefly looking at the categories used in choosing the best sneakers to fit your purpose, why don't we look at the legendary Puma sneakers that have topped the list in the footwear industry? There must be the reason behind how much puma shoes will cost, or why it has withstood the test of time for decades without falling in quality. Here is the list of top popular Puma sneakers of all times:

1.Puma Suede Classic.

The Classic name has it all for the popularity of this Puma shoe. Puma Suede Classic is the most loved and has been worn almost across the globe. They come in a classic and luxurious design that owning it is like an achievement of its kind. If you are the kind of person looking for the best sneakers to match your casual fashion and love for sports in equilibrium, then this the best type to land your eyes on. These trendy sneakers can be worn by anything due to their versatility and coolness. They offer perfect sturdy and adequate fulfilment in most powerful functions and add the ideal on-trend athleisure on your day to day wardrobe. It is wonderful that Puma Suede Classic is still undoubtedly as fresh as it was during its launching in 1968. Its outstanding features include;

  • Perfect breathable and comfortable suede upper.

  • They come in the vast range of colours to pick from.

  • Secured suede upper with laces for fitness.

  • Suitable for both in courts and out the courts.

  • Classic fashion and prototypical style.

  • Combination of perfect retro looks and fashionable structures.

2. Puma Tazon 6 F.M.

Tazon 6 F.M. is designed in classic style and streamlined silhouette that stands above the rest with its comfortability. The upper closure is laced up for a secured and stable ride. Tazon 6 is also designed to fit the prolonged activities in your mind. It incorporates a specialized midfoot saddle for ultimate comfortability, despite being sleek. There is also an enhanced cushioning with its heel pod that acts as a highly effective shock absorber. Additionally, Tazon 6 F.M. comes fitted with a shock-foam sock liner that supports, protects, and cradles your foot, making you feel like you were running in a cold climate. Its features include;

  • A vast range of fresh, neutral, and classic colours suitable for both sportswear or casual outfits.

  • Modern design and sleek features.

  • Secured fitness with fasten laces.

  • Comes with E.V.A. heel pod shock absorbers and fitting, comfortable insoles.

  • Offers comfortability during extended workouts if you need to hit your gym.

3. Puma Carson Running Shoe.

Are you an athletic and looking for the best Puma sneaker for outdoor running? Look no further since the Carson Running Shoe is already here. The best runner does not consider how much puma shoes costs, but the service that the shoes offer. Puma Carson Running Shoe has an outstanding minimalist and retro design. It is, with no mistakes, Puma sneakers with a signature fore strip detailed on its lateral sides. Undoubtedly, Carson Running shoe is designed from a lightweight and breathable mesh that keeps your feet comfortably cool all day round. What are the key features of this pair of sneakers?

  • An EverRide cushioned outsoles and EverTrack abrasion outsoles for perfect traction.

  • All-round mesh design for maximum breathability.

  • E.V.A. foam cushioned insole for shock absorption.

  • Eco Ortholite liners to provide extra comfortable riding.

4. Puma Enzo.

Here comes another name in the footwear industry. Enzo is cross-trainer shoes that offer multisport services if you are more into heavyweight activities. In case you need a unique pair of sneakers that will withstand tremendous amounts of shock and stress, then this is the best choice. Enzo is known for minimizing joint and foot injuries that are likely to occur with other shoes. They also come with a soft foam lining and E.V.A. midsole that offer extra comfort and cushioned experience. Puma Enzo provides full control of your heel and ankles, providing support and structural defence.

  • Designed with 100% breathable and stable mesh.

  • High-top cut to offer full protection to your ankles and fitness.

  • Enhanced mobility with its rubber sole

5. Puma Fierce Core.

The person who made Puma knew there are those people who will need a pair of puma sneakers to take on most strenuous workouts. That's when Puma Fierce Core came to reality. The shoe has a high performance of incredible levels in style and purpose. The rigid but comfortable stability significantly inspires its design in the most heavyweight workouts. You will realize that it's slip-on designed does not compromise its structural stability since it has pull-taps both at its tongue and heel.

  • Exaggerated heels that are thicker to increase their stability.

  • The rubber outsoles are responsible for more excellent grip.

  • High-top cut for full control and secured ankles.

  • Breathability enhanced with its Ariaprene Upper.

  • 100% unique aesthetics and functionality.

6. Puma Super Elevate Running Shoe.

For the new runners looking for the best shoes that will give them unrivalled entry-level in athletic filed, you are recommended to go for Super Elevate Running shoe. It sums up the high comfortability in functions and performance on boards. Suitable for your choice of either synthetic or leather upper and is designed for a comfortable, fashionable, and dependable footwear. With its aesthetic design, Super Elevate performs both practical and functional functions.

  • Carbon rubber outsole for more exceptional grip.

  • E.V.A. foam insole as a shock absorber and added support.

  • Advanced breathability with its mesh and synthetic leather upper.

  • Secured stability with laced-up closure.

7. Puma Cell Surin 2 F.M. shoe.

These bad boys are meant for a long and challenging run that will make you move faster and longer. Cell Surin 2 F.M. is updated from the original Cell Surin, being designed in premium sleek leather and perforated details or maximum breathability. Its name comes from its cell-like cushioning technology that offers ultimate and optimum comfort. If you are for identical Puma with a Puma no.1 logo on its tongue and the literal sides, then Cell Surin 2 F.M. has them. Not forgetting the classic puma form strip signature on both sides.

  • Advanced breathability with its perforated upper details.

  • T.P.U. Shank to enhance controlled motion, stability, and support.

  • Stylish lace-up closure for fitness.

  • Cushioned heel for optimal super comfort.

8. The Puma Blaze of Glory.

Our list today is closed by this great Puma sneaker. Launched in 1993, B.O.G. was the cleaner silhouette with its one-of-a-kind stylish and functional lacing system. B.O.G. also exploited the Trinomic cushioning technology to offer maximum insole support and comfortability. Although it did not feature the Puma formstrip on its upper leather, it has a cat logo on the heel. In 2007, B.O.G. collaborated with Sneaker Freaker to release an updated version of B.O.G. The new version had shark-inspired colourways called the Black Beast and Great White.

Famous Puma Sneakers for Women.

Not only men love Puma Sneakers. Women too love wearing these types of sneakers in their daily activities. The following sneakers from Puma Footwear will make a statement for feminine gender when worn either on spots occasion or casual outfit;

  • Puma Suede

  • Puma Basket Platforms

  • Puma 76 Runner

  • Puma Sky

  • Puma Match

  • Puma Basket Heart.


There is a lot to be said about the famous Puma footwear; from who created Puma to how it came to be recognized in the global. The popular Puma sneakers have been here with us since its launching. The success stories can only be told by sports lovers who find them incredibly fashionable and classic designs both in the arena and rough terrains. Before thinking about how much puma shoes will cost you, it is wise first to evaluate the purpose and qualities of the pump.


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