Prepare Your Leather Boots This Winter

Prepare Your Leather Boots This Winter

Prepare Your Leather Boots This Winter

Make sure your boot is clean before applying some form of treatment to it. Check for dirt after each use. For suede, a stiff brush can shake off any dust until it penetrates the skin and becomes permanent. You may take a very moist cloth with leather and rub it onto the freshly shaped stain, and it will come off right away.


Apply A Protective Spray Every Few Weeks

Applying a protective spray to leather shoes is common and well-advised, particularly if you intend to wear them every day.

The vice president and co-owner of The Leather Spa, David Mesquita, suggest using a repellant as opposed to waterproofing entirely. "If the material becomes waterproof, it affects the leather or suede's breathing capabilities," Mesquita says over the line. A repellent spray also uses nanotechnology, a method of the coating through which tiny particles fill the small holes in the leather to avoid water from entering.


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The repellent works to create an invisible shield over the object, with the assumption that you'd have enough time to remove it until it penetrates the skin if you ever were to spill something or drop anything on it.

It is also worth noting that on patent leather, there is no product that you can use, and for a good reason: it is waterproof already.


Stuff It With Newspaper And Apply Moisturizer If The Shoe Does Get Wet

When wearing leather shoes, when you get caught in the rain, stuffing them with newspaper or paper towels will help maintain their original shape to make sure they do not shrink. At room temperature, then, the shoes will air-naturally.

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When the leather footwear is cleaned, a leather conditioner may be added, which will preserve durability in the fibers and help prevent cracks from the harsh environment.


First, remove any laces and ensure the boots are entirely dry to go about conditioning your shoes. Then place a quantity of nickel-sized leather conditioner onto a cloth or sponge and spread all over the shoes. Upon proper moisturization of your shoe skin, allow the conditioner to soak into the leather, and leave the unused boots overnight.


Avoid Wearing Suede In The Snow Or Rain

As long as it is suede, gently brush back up the nap to preserve its original texture. Unfortunately, there is no suede conditioner you should ask for. Nevertheless, Mesquita recommends trying to stop wearing suede shoes when precipitation has any chance. 'If you want to keep your suede shoes in good shape and it starts drizzling, take off your shoes and put them in a bag and walk barefoot.


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Invest In Weatherproof Shoes

The best way to keep your suede and leather shoes in tip-top shape? Invest in a pair of shoes that are designed to wear in rain or snow. There's a range of all-weather-resistant boots that will carry you around comfortably and stylishly as winter throws those treacherously slushy curveballs.

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