Reasons Of Feet Hurting

Reasons Of Feet Hurting

Reasons Of Feet Hurting

The walk is said to be the best and the most comfortable way of Workout. As per American doctors, more than 70% of adults of America are suffering from ailments of feet. The main reason for this is that people prefer sitting more than doing a walk. According to an orthopedic, people do not take care of their feet as much as they take care of their hands. In the case of women, it sounds appropriate as many women choose shoes that are small and results in causing pain. The best solution to this is to design your own athletic shoes or know how to design shoes online. The best platform so far is, you can design or get the very own customized shoes at your doorstep.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is caused due to inflammation in the bottom layer of tissues of the foot. It causes pain and is mostly observed in the people of middle age. It is not found in children as it heals fast and also not in the old age people as they do not have many walking activities. This can be treated by massaging as well as using customize shoe design with cushioning in front.


Causing a bump under a big toe of the foot is Bunions. It mostly occurs when the foot is rubbed by the surface of the shoe. To prevent bunion get the shoes that are wide and do not rub with the foot.

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Hammertoe is a deformation of the foot in which muscles are built on the top and the bottom irregularly. Doctors suggest using different kinds of corn bags and also they advise the patients to regularly change their shoes during the day.


Having absolutely no arch in the feet refers to flat feet. Many people are born with this so the only thing that can be done to prevent the flat feet is created and design your shoes according to the requirement.


The points having pressure and might be painful during the walk are calluses. These help in preventing the body from different pains, but still are to be treated by soaking the feet in warm water for a couple of hours and also apply a soothing lotion that can help soothe the callus.

Achilles tendonitis

It is an inflammation caused in the backbone of the foot. It leads to gout-like ailments. The only treatment of this is resting and icing the backbone.


The ailment associated with a joint of a foot many factors can cause it. The major factor of it is weight gain. It can be treated by using a new pair of shoes in case the old ones are worn out or else visit the doctor and get therapy.

Morton’s neuroma

The causing of pain in the ball of the foot that moves towards the 3rd and 4th toes is Morton’s neuroma. It is mostly found in ladies who tend to wear high heels. For instant relief, massage is preferable other than that Customize shoe designs can also play a vital role


When cartilage in the joints starts being inflammatory then it is said to be arthritis. The major symptom of arthritis is sore knees and swollen joints etc. However, it can be treated in many ways like visiting doctors, applying therapies, taking injections, medicines, or else by maintaining the weight.

Reasons Of Feet Hurting

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