Removing Deep Scratches from Leather Shoes

Removing Deep Scratches from Leather Shoes

Removing Deep Scratches from Leather Shoes

The people get crazy after copying the types of leather shoes that are worn by many celebrities. The men are excited behind leather shoes while the women are excited behind leather covered heels. But, what if your leather shoes become prey to scratches, can you deal with the scratches that you got while playing or you have got some seconds hand shoes worth the price but have scratches on them.

Can you fix the customized shoe leather which has deep scratches on them and you do not want to abandon them? Yes, you can. So here are some of the secrets revealed before you to so that you can revive and restyle your leather shoes.


Fixing scratched leather

Sometimes there are leather custom shoes wholesale that have some manufacturing mistakes and have some minor scratches you can fix the shoes using DIY techniques. But before using your hands to treat the scratches, try your idea on an insignificant area. The light scratches are easy to be dealt with as they can be treated using a leather conditioner or some petroleum jelly can be also applied to the scratches to rectify them.

But if your leather wholesale custom shoes have deep scratches, then it takes a long process to deal with them. The distilled white vinegar has to be used to first clean the shoes and then olive oil or transparent shoe polish can be further utilized to treat the scratches.


How to get rid of deep scratches from a leather shoe?

The scratches cannot be got ridden of permanently and they cannot be separated from the shoes. The only hack to get away the scratches is to hide them underneath the paint and the paint should be done in such a way so that the scratch is not visible and gets completely blended in the shoes. A permanent black marker can also do wonders in hiding the deep cuts.


Fixing scratch suede leather shoes

While you are designing your own shoes for cheap made of suede, and if they develop scratches on them, you can fix them by using a toothbrush as well an eraser. You just have to use the brush for removing any dirt that is stuck on the fabric so that no external impurities are stuck on them. Remove the remaining scratches by using an eraser by rubbing the eraser slowly in one direction and your suede shoes are ready to wear.


Fixing scuff marks on leather boots

To fix the scuff on the patent leather or rubber leather, you can get rid of the scuff marks using toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste in a circular motion and use a small amount of water to foam the paste and then dry the shoe.

So, there is a solution to every problem. To make my own slide look better and scratch-free, use the above hacks which are very simple and convenient. Make your shoes relive and make them as attractive and smart as you had worn them for the first time.

Removing Deep Scratches from Leather Shoes

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