Say Bye To Foot Fungus From Shoes

Say Bye To Foot Fungus From Shoes

Say Bye To Foot Fungus From Shoes:

The stinky shoes are the sign of a foot fungus. For extreme situations, the toenails can show some signs of fungus by discoloring, turning crumbly or thick, or pulling away from nail beds. The peeling, itching, blisters can plague the feet.

Here you can learn how to remove fungus from the shoes.

You may find many people having problems with foot fungus. There are many treatments for it but very few works. Check out some of the best methods to eliminate foot fungus from shoes.


Air dry in sun

Leave your shoes for air-drying in the sun. This helps in killing the fungus. Some people also spray inside by using Lysol, rubbing alcohol or any disinfectant for killing the fungus. You can also go for bleach which is effective enough, but make sure you don’t use much as it may damage the shoes.


Use a foot powder

You can try sprinkling foot powder as well that consists of zinc oxide or corn starch in shoes or socks for controlling an athlete’s foot. The zinc oxide comes with antifungal properties which are quite helpful.


White vinegar

You can even wet a towel, squeeze excess water out of it, and soak the same in white vinegar. Wipe your feet at least twice a day with this vinegar-soaked cloth. This will help a lot in killing the smelly foot fungus.

You can also spray some white vinegar in the shoes between wearing.


Change your shoes alternatively

The experts also suggest not wearing the same shoes after days of running. It is good to switch shoes frequently so that you don’t wear the same pair of shoes for more than two days in a row.

If you are having two pairs then you can wear them alternatively, which means wear one pair on one day and the other one next day.


Wear sandals

You can also wear sandals that are the best way and helps in combatting the foot fungus, as the shoes are open to the air as soon as you remove the foot.

You must keep your foot bare whenever possible, for example at home. This exposes both shoes and foot to air which helps in discouraging the fungus which causes the athlete’s foot.


Use a disinfectant foot spray

The disinfectants also help in killing bacteria. As the fungi are the product of bacteria, the disinfectants can be the best option to go for killing bacteria. The bleach can also help in disinfecting, but it may ruin the shoe and can be harmful to the skin.


Shoe sanitizer

You can also get your hands on the shoe sanitizer which is a small machine that can be inserted into the shoes. Its UV light which projects from the shoe sanitizer helps in killing fungi, bacteria, and microbes within just 25 minutes. The sprays may help you in keeping the fungus away, but a sanitizer can kill the bacteria which cannot be seen.

Follow these amazing hacks for eliminating the foot fungus from shoes. Visit the official website of Freaky shoes for more updates today.




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