Say Bye To Slippery Shoes With These Best Hacks

Say Bye To Slippery Shoes With These Best Hacks

Say Bye To Slippery Shoes With These Best Hacks:

Injuries can happen at any day as someone has to take a tumble. But many of the people fall due to faulty footwear and when the shoes slip. Well, Freaky shoes have come up with some amazing ways to turn your shoes into non-slips.


Make use of an anti-skid pad

You can either go for sandals closed toe which hardly slips or for proper footing use an anti-skid pad. These pads prevent sliding on the sticky, wet and slippery surfaces. They are self-adhesive which stick to the bottom of shoes.

If in case you are fond of slippers for women and love wearing heels but they slip a lot, you can use these anti-skid pads and can cover them with the heel caps.


Add any insole

Finding the stability or balance can be hard when you wear a pair of anne kline shoes, no matter if it is a heel, casual footwear or a sneaker. The footprint of each person is different; some people have flat feet while others have high arches.

As the footwear is meant to be universal relatively, there are no ways guaranteed that one shoe can fit great quality of people. So, in lace up boots, you can add an insole that can cater well to your foot.

It prevents you from falling on face and even assists in relieving back pain or arch support.


Shoes with great gripping

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their footwear, whether it is a fancy occasion or you want to go on a walk. For such fancy occasions, you can put on your lilly pul attires and can be ready for the day, but what about your shoes?

Regardless of the circumstances, everyone needs shoes for getting them through their day to day activities. The best way for doing this is not to slip on sweaty gym mats or marble flooring.

So instead of trying your old shoe work, maybe it is the right time for pulling your wallets out and buying a new pair of shoes that can offer amazing support that you all need.

You can also buy boot chukka which is the chic and elegant style of shoes.


Coating spray

Yes, coating spray is an all-new product that acts as a gripping adhesive when it gets sprayed on shoe soles. These sprays are marketed as the best accessory that helps in preventing slips and falls from the sidewalks and snowy streets.

It is also best to use if you walk more on the sweaty gym floor, office marble or on the wooden kitchen floors.


Scuff the soles

This can be counterproductive but a way of adding traction to shoes. You have to specialize in enhancing the grip as the bottom soles are sometimes extra slippery. This one way is simple and doesn’t ask for any extra purchases even.

You can walk your shoes through the rough grounds and can even take a sandpaper sheet and can easily rub against the soles.

So what are you waiting for? Wear your most favorite gripped shoes, hang your selene bag and you are all set in style for your event.




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