Simple Methods To Clean & Wash Your Toms Shoes

Simple Methods To Clean & Wash Your Toms Shoes

Simple Methods To Clean & Wash Your Toms Shoes:

The fun and comfortable type of slip-on Toms- are one that gets dirty very quickly. If you wear them often, they are prone to dust and dirt. In case, your feet get smelly and sweaty now and then, then you should also wash tom shoes often.

Simple Methods To Clean & Wash Your Toms Shoes

Can you wash Toms shoes

Yes, you can wash toms shoes, you will be glad to know that you can easily wash toms shoes yourself. To wash toms shoes, the TOMS website suggests washing in cold water. You need to be extra careful while washing this. Make sure you don’t spoil the fabric.

You don’t have to replace shoe soles due to bad odor; there are top two ways which can be followed for washing Toms easily.

Cleaning them manually

Whether you are looking out for a way of repairing leather shoes or for cleaning methods, you will be glad to know that Toms shoes can be washed manually. You can start with the following methods,

  • Get a dry and soft bristle brush

  • Start from the heel and move the brush towards shoe front

  • Brush it properly for getting rid of all dirt and dust that has been piled up.

  • Pour some cold water in a bowl and add a mild detergent

  • Take a brush for cleaning the slip-on.

  • Now dip these shoes in mild soapy water for cleaning it properly

  • Let it dry

This simple method can also be followed for clean cole haan shoes repair

How to wash Toms shoes in the washing machine

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You can start by setting your machine on a gentle cycle and use the setting of the coldest water

  • Add a quarter dose of mild detergent and pour the same on the bottom of your washing money. This helps the washer to create bubbles

  • Don’t add bleach to this solution at any cost, else it can change the color of your Toms shoes

  • If you want to have a designer shoes repair that is very dirty, then for its cleaning process, soak them in water for a few hours before putting them in machine

  • After 3 hours you can put them in the washing machine for a good wash

  • After this, let the Toms shoes dry overnight

  • Moreover, if there are any stubborn stains available, clean them well.

You can perform them by mixing mild dish soap and cold water. Focus on the tough stains and keep on rubbing until the stain goes away

Professional tips for cleaning Toms shoes

  • You can use a deodorizing powder for getting rid of the bad smell from toms shoe soles

  • Always use a brush which as soft bristle for cleaning shoes

  • If in case your shoes are having sequins, brush in the direction where you have sequins

  • Instead of mixing baking powder, cornstarch for a DIY cleaning solution, you can use baking soda directly on your insoles. Don’t use them on the leather insoles as this may dry out the insole completely.

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