Simple Ways For Cleaning Rubber Sole Of Your Sneakers

Simple Ways For Cleaning Rubber Sole Of Your Sneakers

Simple Ways For Cleaning Rubber Sole Of Your Sneakers:

No matter when or where you wear sneakers, the rubber soles of the sneakers are one that attracts dirt, which means you will track the same dirt around where you go while in the shoes. The dirty can even include bacteria that end up on the house floor if you wear them with sneakers inside.

Thus you must clean your rubber soles daily for keeping the shoes in good shape for many years to come.


How to knock off the dirt from shoes

A glance at the sole of your shoes can reveal whether they are caked with the dirt behind after walking in a muddy area. If such happens, you must take your sneakers outside and smack your soles together for knocking out as much loose dirt as you can.

Scrape between groves in your traction pattern by making use of a spare car key or with the help of a plastic knife. A dry scrubbing brush can also get between the tiny grooves on your soles and helps in brushing off the dirt from around the edges of your soles.


Soak your dirty soles

The common dirt which gets stick to your shoes while walking in a muddy or dusty area can also is removed by soaking them in a shallow pan. One can mix a mild dish soap in a small amount of water, which is more than enough for covering sole but not any part of the shoe.

You must not use soap that has bleaching agents as they can cause discoloration. After 15 minutes, remove your shoes and dip a scrubbing brush in soapy water and then scrub the soles of your shoes. Easily wipe and clean them with a slightly damp paper towel.


Say bye to Tar

Some of the substances like tar leave behind a mess on sneaker sole. Gently scrape off the tar as much as you can with a plastic knife and grab wipe it with a paper towel. Use a scrub brush dipped in soapy or warm water that helps in removing the residue.

If the tar remains, apply a tree sap remover which is designed best for the automotive use and they are deemed as safest for rubber. Make use of a soft cloth that allows controlling the solution for ensuring they don’t remain on any part of the shoe.


Gummy stains

The gum can be an amazing thing to chew, but it is not at all good for your shoes when you step on it. If it gets stick to the bottom of the shoe, it can worsen the situation. You must pick it away as much as possible with the help of a paper towel, while the gum is pliable. If it is hardened partially, then try scraping it with a plastic knife.

Place your shoes in a freezer bag and freeze it for long hours till your gum turns brittle enough for breaking it with a knife. If you don’t have any space for placing your shoes in the freezer, rub some ice cubes over the gum until they turn brittle and scrape it off with the help of a plastic knife.


Follow freaky shoes for such helpful DIY ideas for cleaning shoes.


Simple Ways For Cleaning Rubber Sole Of Your Sneakers

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