Softening Back Of New Shoes

Softening Back Of New Shoes

Softening Back Of New Shoes:

Everyone has gone through the pain that is caused by new shoes. This is because of the narrow backs of the shoe that hurts the feet. Most people want to wear shoes and get them softened by wearing them frequently or by using hacks to soften them. Using hacks is a better option; however, there can be other options for getting this harshness reduced. Feeling good while walking is the most important thing. Uncomfortable shoes might abstain from walking properly.

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Ways of softening back of new shoes

There are hundreds of videos over the Internet that teaches ways in which the shoe can be softened. Some of them are worth it. One such method of getting rid of shoe harshness is Design your Basketball shoe from scratch or make your sneakers.


Different oils serve as a great softener for leather shoes. All one has to do is to soak the shoe area in the oil for a couple of minutes, and then the shoe leather will not cause any pain.


The alcohol solutions are great for softening the shoe. It is recommended to wear the shoe and walk until the alcohol mixture dries out. One major con of this hack is that it might remove the color of the shoe. It should be made sure that the color won’t get off.


If one has kerosene, then it can prove to be a great softener for the shoes. All it requires to be left for a few hours and then the shoe is ready to wear.


Using a damp cloth to soften the shoe leather can prove great. It is good for summer times, but not much recommended for winter. In this case, you must place the shoe in the steaming water that helps in getting the back of the shoe wider.

Ways of softening with moisture


Enlarging the shoe made up of leather can be done by freezing the whole shoe in a plastic bag for a night and get it out of the freezer the next day. This helps in getting the shoe softer, and shoes won’t hurt again.

Stretching Spray

Stretching sprays can always be an option. Instead of using hacks designing a sneaker with a softened soul is not much difficult as stretching spray can be used for softening, and it does not damage the color of the shoe.

Layered socks

Another way of how to customize your shoes with softened leather is wearing socks. Even if the shoe you made is tight, it will get better within days.

Professional assistance

Professional help is always a great thing as the shoemakers know how to make your custom sneakers with the softback. As they have machines that do help in reducing the chances of shoe being pressed. They make shoes under proper assistance and keeps them in the machines to ensure that the shoe does not tighten and stays in good shape.


It is a common problem that after buying leather shoes, we think them to be comfortable, but most of the time they hurt in different places. Mostly, it hurts the back of the foot. So one can always go with the different types of softening hacks for the back of new shoes and make the shoe wearable.

Softening Back Of New Shoes

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