7 Easy Methods To Wash Your White Vans Shoes

7 Easy Methods To Wash Your White Vans Shoes

7 Easy Methods To Wash Your White Vans Shoes:

Have you already tried the Vans challenge? Yeah? Was it a fake or real?

No? Are they so dirty that you felt ridiculed for using crystal clear “brown” Vans?

Eh. No need to worry? In this article I have dealt with a number of methods to clean the white vans shoes that will only take about twenty minutes and the shoes will be crystal clear. Most of the ingredients used in these methods are easily found in your home. Choose the best option that works for you because they all give you the best results!

So let's start with ways to clean Vans? Keep in mind that these are Steps your clothes, so you can’t just ditch them into your top / front load, dry them and then add fabric softening. Because in the end you might just get your shoes and then the fabric glue wouldn’t help.

But somehow magically, there is a way for rushed / lazy people to drain them into your washing machine, leading to our first method of using a washer. Just follow a few steps and the shoes are as good as new. Do not use this method on shoes made of suede or leather.


Method 1: Using the washer for cleaning


  • A Delicate bag

  • Laundry detergent



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  1. Separate the laces and soles of the shoes and place them all in the delicate bag. This prevents the laces from getting caught inside the drum and the shoes from degrading.

  2. Put half a spoon of detergent in the program. Set it on a gentle cycle.

  3. Wash shoes in lukewarm or even cold water. Avoid hot water. Hot water tends to melt the glue holding the shoes. The glue can spread, making it dirtier and more difficult to clean. Above all, do not add any clothing during this cycle.

  4. After the cycle, take off the shoes and allow them to dry naturally before wearing them.

Try to avoid using bleach as it can discolor shoes or even tear them if they are Steps used properly.


Now the question that arises is whether you don't have or don't want to use a front-loading or higher washer? Do you keep your Vans dirty? No right. You just need to find simple techniques to clean them without using a front or top loading washer. Here are the techniques based on the ingredients you can find at home.


Method 2: For routine cleaning



  • A bucket of clean water

  • Detergent

  • Old toothbrush


How to do:

  1. Remove the straps from your shoe so that even the smallest areas, such as the holes through which the straps pass, are cleaned.

  2. Take half a bucket of warm water and put one spoon of detergent. Mix well.

  3. Immerse your Vans for a moment until it absorbs most of the water.

  4. Then lightly rub the shoes with a toothbrush, especially in dirty areas.

  5. Wash them gently with cold water and allow them to dry naturally.

Often, regular detergent washing alone will Steps remove greasy and sticky stains, and therefore the following method is for the most persistent.

Method 3: Clean up residual residue such as grease, mud, dirt or other sticky



  • Nail polish remover / alcohol abrasion

  • Cotton towels / balls



  1. Remove any of the above ingredients from stains and rub it on the shoe with a cotton swab / balls.

  2. After washing, wash your shoes with cold water and allow drying naturally.


When you have white shoes, you need white cleaners to clean them so that the color of your cleanser does Steps stick to your shoes. Therefore, the following method using baking soda is convenient here.


Method 4: For a whiter and natural cleaning solution


  • Baking soda

  • A toothbrush

  • Hot water



  1. Take two spoons of baking soda and mix it with water until you get a thick paste. You can vary the measurement depending on the quality of the baking soda.

  2. Take a toothbrush with the thick paste and rub it on your shoes. Remember Steps to rub it too hard. You could end up degrading the quality of the shoes.

  3. After removing your residue and dirt, rinse it gently with clean water.

  4. Let your shoes dry naturally.


For additional cleaning power, mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. You can also follow the above recipe using lemon juice and a sponge.


What do you do when you have barely more time and need to wear your Vans? Maybe try the quickest solution...


Method 5: The Fastest Solution


  • Completely white toothpaste (Steps gel toothpaste)

  • Toothbrush



  1. Apply ordinary white toothpaste, I use Colgate; on stains on your shoes. Rub it with toothpaste. This will only lighten the spots and Steps clean them completely.

  2. After rubbing, gently wash it in cold water and allow it to dry naturally.

  3. This is only a temporary solution for emergency cleaning. For the complete disappearance of the spots, use the other methods indicated.

The next way is a bonus when you want to use your dishwasher but have almost no dishes to do? Why Steps clean your Vans there!


Method 6: For Those Who Have a Dishwasher

Your Vans can also be washed in the dishwasher. You're welcome.


  • Dish soap and of course a dishwasher


  1. Put dry sheets in your Vans to keep them in shape while washing.

  2. Put your ordinary dish soap.

  3. With your shoes facing down, place them on the upper basket.

  4. Start a usual cycle. Remember that the water must be hot or cold. Do not put it on a hot water setting.

  5. When the cycle is finished, allow your shoes to dry naturally.

Aren't all baby products very comfortable to use even in adulthood? So even treat your dear Vans like a baby and wash them with baby powder.


Method 7: For the baby


  • Baby powder

  • Shoe brush

  • Toothbrush

  • Hot water


  1. Take baby powder and mix it with lukewarm water to form a thick paste.

  2. Use a shoe brush to remove all debris and dirt from your dry shoes.

  3. Take a toothbrush and dip it in the paste and rub it on your shoes to clean the dirt.

  4. Wash it leaving some paste on your shoes.

  5. Take wet powder and wipe off any residue on the shoes. Finally, rinse your shoes thoroughly to let them dry.

If you don't feel like cleaning your shoes regularly, you can even whiten them. Whitening is very effective when done correctly, and it should only be used sometimes. Well, how do you do it right? Follow the next method.

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7 Easy Methods To Wash Your White Vans Shoes

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