Steps To Restore Grip On Athletic Shoes

Steps To Restore Grip On Athletic Shoes

Steps To Restore Grip On Athletic Shoes

Here you will learn some simple steps to restore grip on athletic shoes. Some of the DIY methods are mentioned below that will give you the best results.

Steps to follow

  • Rinse the bottom of your shoe underwater for avoiding cracks

  • Mix some water and dish soap in a bowl

  • Make use of a soft brush with this soap & water mixture for scrubbing dirt from the bottom of your shoes.

  • Rinse the soap from the bottom of your shoes and let it dry properly with a clean cloth.

  • Once your shoes are dry completely, apply a thin coat of Vaseline.

  • Let your Vaseline dry completely

  • Enjoy the refurbished grip on your athletic shoes

  • Allow time for the Vaseline to completely dry.

How to restore the grip by cleaning

If in case your shoes have worn out or the grip has completely gone, consider cleaning them once for a better show.

The main thing about indoor court is that dirt or dust built up and reduces the grip, so make sure your shoes are clean before you step in the basketball court.

Tips to restore gripping

  • Never wear your shoes for any other purpose except for the game. You should keep your basketball shoes

    only for playing and do not wear them on casual days.

  • Never leave your shoes dirty after the game. Wash them well and remove all the dust and dirt soon after the game.

    Regular cleaning can help them be in proper condition.

  • If you are not fond of hygiene and focus more on the game, then licking your hand and then using it for moistening

    the shoe bottom can best help. Moistening and cleaning them in this way also helps in adding grip and can help you rule out in the game.

  • Spitting is also a similar approach to licking. You just need to rub your shoe sole against the small amount of spit

    on your basketball court. This offers a major improvement in the grip.

  • A clean and moist towel can help in cleaning the shoe sole and improves grip. Keep your towel on the side of

    your basketball court. It is a better and more hygienic option than spitting and licking.

  • For a temporary grip, you can also try using a hair spray. It is because it is a bit sticky and lasts for some time.

  • Sticky mat is also available in the market that is used for removing dirt and improves the grip on the shoes.

    You just have to step on it for removing dust and dirt which refreshes the whole traction.

If your shoes are still not working for you after you have tried all these means, then it is a right to buy new shoes and replace your old ones with them. Make sure you buy a perfect fit and quality shoes that can last for long and can offer you great improvement and traction in the basketball court.

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Steps To Restore Grip On Athletic Shoes

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