Stunning Shoe Makeovers That You Should Try This Summer

Stunning Shoe Makeovers That You Should Try This Summer

Stunning Shoe Makeovers That You Should Try This Summer


Are you interested to create your own sneakers from scratch? Well, there are plenty of options to give them a unique and catchy look. You can try some latest makeover ideas to get the perfect appeal for your new sneakers.

Teens and adults are always eager to try some DIY ideas to turn their boring common shoes into stunning special shoes. You might have tried some online tutorials as well to make your ordinary shoes more attractive. It is easier to get crafty with your flats, sneakers, loafers, and the occasion-specific heels by adding the extra touch of patterns, colours, textures and paint.

How to design a shoe online following simple tips?

If you are ready to design your own running shoes online, just go through the simple makeover tips and tricks below:

  • Polka Dot Shoes:

One of the most widely followed trends for shoes is the polka dot finish. In order to get this appeal, you simply need a pair of shoes, fabric paint with the color of your choice, polka dot stencil and an un-used pencil eraser. Just create the traces of polka dots on the shoes by using a pencil and eraser. Then start painting them with high-quality paint and let it dry.

  • Pineapple Painted Shoes:

Here is a crazy trend for this summer season. You can make your own custom sneakers with pineapple painted finish. To do this, all that you need is canvas shoes, fabric markers and disappearing ink marker. Prefer to start with plain white canvas shoes and draw the pineapple designs by using a disappearing ink marker. Make sure you add them are adequate spaces and then start colouring them using high-quality fabric markers. Prefer to the unique combination of yellow and green for designing pineapple with fresh leaves on your shoes. They look amazing, and this trick also works for running shoes brand logos.

  • Embellished Polish:

Another super easy DIY trick for decorating your new plain white shoes is using embellished polish. All that you need to do this is some creative pieces of stones that you can fix on the shoes with glue. Some people also prefer to use plastic embellishments to get a unique appeal. You can arrange them in unique patterns to get happier results.

  • Patch patterned sneakers:

If you are looking for some interesting ideas to how to design your own shoe for an event, it is good to try patch patterned DIY décor idea. Simply get your old pair of sneakers, fabric glue, patches, and a small paintbrush. Clean your shoes and start creating the patterns you love the most. You can prefer using pattern rich stickers as they can stick well to the shoe material. Apply fabric glue to ensure perfect bonding and let it dry for a few hours before the party.

Other than this, you can try rainbow tie-dye ideas to get a unique and attractive appeal for your summer sneakers. These simple DIY tips from FreakyShoes professionals can help you finish basketball shoes design your own.


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