Superlative Ideas to Clean Your Converse and Make Them Look Like New

Superlative Ideas to Clean Your Converse and Make Them Look Like New

Superlative Ideas to Clean Your Converse and Make Them Look Like New

Converse shoes are used throughout the year by people because they are versatile. The shoes are so adaptable and comfortable that everyone likes to pair them with different types of outfit from casual wear to formal wear. But when the word white is added to the prefix of converse, then it becomes a little hectic.

The white that is added to the converse has to be taken extra care of as the white color gets transformed into brown or black within a few days. So, does is the case with every shoe such as the NBA custom shoes or white converse. Therefore, the white converse shoes need extra maintenance to ensure that your shoes look the same as you once bought them. So, here are some ways using which you can easily clean your shoes at home.


A quick tip

When you are cleaning the converse shoes, you are advised to use a moderate detergent to wash them in the washing machine or to wash them with hands. The gentle detergent will ensure that the fabric of your shoes stays safe.


Steps to follow

  • To ensure deep cleaning of your shoes removes the laces of the shoes before cleaning them.

  • If you have got custom made shoes like custom shoes yeezy or normal converse, do not wash them with hot water otherwise the glue that is present in the shoes is likely to get damaged.

  • You are suggested to dry your shoes naturally instead of using a hairdryer to dry them.


Hand washing your converse shoes

If you like hand washing your belongings and you have decided to hand wash your shoes, you can follow some of the easy steps given below:

  • Remove the laces of your converse or any other shoe like DBZ custom shoes, so that the maximum part of the shoe is exposed to you for cleaning properly and then soak the shoes in cold water.

  • Then, you are required to make a solution with two proportions of baking soda and three proportions of white vinegar, and make sure you do not use any other colored vinegar. You can use a mild detergent as a substitute for the vinegar.

  • Next, the solution is ready so grab you converse or custom shoes air forces as this solution works for all. With the help of a tooth or nail brush softly scrub the entire surface of the shoe.

  • Again rinse your shoes in cold water and hand them in a sunny area as the sunlight will make the shoes dry quickly as well as the shoes will regain their brightness.

Generally, this method works in one go but if it does not then you can repeat the above steps.

Just as you make sure that you do not ruin your custom shoes and use stencils for custom shoes, the same thing should be done with the converse shoes, and you should be extra careful while washing them.

Hope these tips by Freaky shoes will be of great help to you.

Superlative Ideas to Clean Your Converse and Make Them Look

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