Survive Winter Weather With Best DIY Hacks To Turn Shoe Slip Proof

Survive Winter Weather With Best DIY Hacks To Turn Shoe Slip Proof

Survive Winter Weather With Best DIY Hacks To Turn Shoe Slip Proof

The boots will soon start making a style statement when the weather is in full force. If your shoes are not winter ready, there are some best hacks to make your boots slip-proof which can help you in commuting through the snow easily and free of injuries.

Whether you are facing powdery, fresh snow or trudging through the ice layers, having appropriate weather shoes is a must. Investing in non-slip boots or hightop shoes can be a bit costly.

Well, there are some best hacks to make your boots cowboys equipped enough for handling ice and snow easily. Check them out below,

Scuff your soles

Many people are fond of wearing vintage unique boots in winter. However, adding the traction to boots is easy as scuffing the bottoms. You can give your shoes an amazing grip by scraping soles against the abrasive surface like gravel or concrete.

The new shoes are slippery due to smooth soles, so wearing them can make a noticeable difference.

Use a traction spray

This works for shoe barefoot as well. You can use a traction spray on the grip if you want your boots to be winter-proof. One can have enough protection for braving icy surfaces, so make sure you have a bottle in stash during your season.

This helps a lot in adding the grip if you are in a hurry.

Add rubber glue and salt mixture

If you want to make your ugg slippers for women as non-slippery, then adding a grainy texture on the soles of your shoes can help you in preventing slipping all over. You can add some rubber glue and salt to form a paste and then coat the same on your shoes.

This mixture can turn out as a non-slip component to the boot of your choice. If you are having rubber-soled shoes, try a plastic fusion epoxy adhesive as the glue base. You can sprinkle some salt on its top and you will have the grippy treads which are not at all going anywhere.

Spray soles with hairspray

The hairspray can be a temporary solution. It is an alternative to the spray-on traction adhesive which makes the shoes with the smooth soles more slip-proof. This is a quick fix that needs reapplication regular basis.

However, before stepping outside, make sure the hairspray has completely dried.

Score bottoms

You might be worried about taking a razor or knife to favorite boots pair, but you will surely not regret later. Scoring the soles gives more traction as the water and it is able enough in passing through the treads.

Apply sand to soles

The most cost-effective way of getting your shoes as snow ready to adhering some sand on your shoes. No matter whether it is vans the shoes or any other. This trick helps to convert shoe size.

So what else you need? Get ready to enjoy the best hacks to make your shoe non-slippery and injury-free this winter.

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