The Easiest & The Best Way to Clean White Sneakers

The Easiest & The Best Way to Clean White Sneakers

The Easiest & The Best Way to Clean White Sneakers:


White sneakers look great, and it can be possible when they are fresh and clean. Do you like wearing your white pair of sneakers just because they look great? Well, that’s great, but what if they get jumbled into dust and dirt? Surely, that would be the worst of all feelings. We understand, and that’s why here with our best way to clean white sneakers. So are you interested? Let’s find out what these are!

The Trick

Here we have toothpaste. Yes, toothpaste is the best when it comes to cleaning your sneakers and giving them pearly white shine. So only you need to get plain white toothpaste and an old soft toothbrush.

All you need is to take your shoe laces out of white sneakers, as this is the best way to reach hard places. Put laces in the delicate bags, and throw it into the machine.

  • Dry Dust:

You can use a toothbrush to clean off the dust from your shoes. It’s the best way to clean the dust.

  • A Drop Of Plain Toothpaste:

So now you have dusted away our shoes, now it’s time to dampen a toothbrush and put a small drop of paste on it. You need to spread the paste just like you brush your teeth.

  • Work Your Way Around:

So now you need to work way around the shoe’s sides, top, and bottom. You need to clean the spotted area and rinse away dirt with a super clean wet cloth. Make sure you gently rub toothbrush over your shoe surface, because your vigorous rubbing can destroy the shoe material, especially leather.

  • Scrub It Until Clean:

You need to give your shoes good scrub and apply more toothpaste as need. Toothpaste can clean every corner of your shoes. Once you are done with scrubbing, then give your shoes a final touch by a dab down with a clean damp cloth, and then buff them dry. You can replace the laces, and here you go.


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