The Guide To Clean And Maintained Rainbow Sandals

The Guide To Clean And Maintained Rainbow Sandals

The Guide To Clean And Maintained Rainbow Sandals:


On the arrival of the summers, vacations come hand in hand and everyone wants to hit the beach to take a sunbath under the shiny sun. hitting the beach also requires rainbow sandals which must have been just lying in your footwear wardrobe all the winters. But what is seen after the rainbow sandals are taken out, the sandals need maintenance.


It can also be the case that you have bought a new pair of rainbow sandals but you do not know how to maintain them. Do not worry, the blank slide shoes or rainbow shoes can be cleaned easily, and here is a method that will help you to clean the sandals.


The answer so as to how to clean the rainbow sandals is not that you can run the sandal sunder a stream or in the sea. The cleaning of the rainbow slides shoes takes the same effort as to make custom slides. So, let us further finally know so as to how to clean the rainbow sandals thoroughly.


Cleaning of rainbow sandals


Cleaning the rainbow shoes is quite important so as to increase the sandals. The different parts of the sandals are made with different materials and here is a method using which you can clean the sandals thoroughly.


Things you will need


  • A paper towel

  • A bowl

  • A soft-bristled toothbrush

  • Some lukewarm water

  • Some clean clothes

  • Soft dish soap


Steps to follow


Follow the given steps so as to know how to make custom slides or rainbow sandals look maintained.


1. The cleaning process has to start by removing any loose dirt from the upper and insoles of the sandals.

2. Take a clean cloth and dampen it.

3. The surface dirt that is stuck on the shoes can be removed by using the wipe cloth.

4. In order to clean the sandals or DIY custom slides, make a solution of lukewarm water and some drops of liquid soap, and mix the solution well.

5. Take a clean cloth and dip it in the cleaning solution and then take it out and remove any excess water from it.

6. Then, rub the soaked cloth on the uppers in circular motions on the uppers of the sandals.

7. Start rubbing the cloth from thongs and then reach to the footbed.

8. If the cloth has become dirty while cleaning the sandals, take another cloth and damp it and use it.

9. If the stains on the sandals are annoying and are not getting removed, then take a soft-bristled brush and rub it all over.

10. When you are done with the uppers, reach the soles and clean them the same way.

After the above steps, using some paper towels as well as sunlight, completely dry your sandals and you are done.


This is how you can also clean your rainbow sandals and maintain them. The custom slides with pictures cleaning are also easy, but if you will follow the above steps by Freaky Shoes, you can clean your rainbow sandals effortlessly as well. Enjoy the summers wearing the clean and pristine rainbow sandals.




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