The Secret Behind Main Ingredient of Sneakers

The Secret Behind Main Ingredient of Sneakers

The Secret Behind Main Ingredient of Sneakers

We use rubber in so many forms ranging from SodaStream gaskets to pencil erasers and in the soles of our favourite sneakers. This material comes from the trees and is often misunderstood for its ultimate expertise.

Many of you may be aware of the fact that rubber is derived in a process same as that of plastic. Still, it is famous for its natural properties. It comes from rubber trees that are technically called as hevea brasiliensis. When cut, these trees release some milky white liquid which is collected in buckets. It is a kind of latex and is widely used to develop invasive products, including doctor’s gloves. This latex material is further treated with heat to turn its natural proteins into rubber.

After heat treatment, we get broad, sticky sheets that are resilient and bouncy. If the rubber is used in this form only, it can make those crepe soles that we commonly find on the Clarks Desert Boots. These soles are further used for designing soles of the sneakers due to their durable and resilient nature. This information can give you some insights about how to customize shoes online.

It is important to mention that although many other plants also give latex, including poppies, the unique compositions and properties doesn’t prove them so good for your sneakers. Now you might be eager to know how to design a shoe online. Just keep reading the interesting stuff below.

The concept of gum soles:

You might have seen the popular gum soles that are usually iller as compared to any other type of sole. Most of the stylish sneakers sold by online shoe creator are designed with the unique pairing of gum soles with the midsole and the clean white upper.

You may observe that the translucent brown soles are usually softer, and they offer more grip. But it is important to mention that calling them gum soles is just a misconception because they are actually made up of natural gum, obtained after applying certain special treatment to the rubber. Many of these gum soles are developed using polybutadiene which is a by-product of oil processing. Professionals reveal that Polybutadiene is a famous synthetic which has properties almost the same as natural isoprene rubber, but the material is actually very different and is considered as a derivative of plastic. In short, it is not as natural as rubber.

We cannot say that all sneakers that wholesale slides bulk make use of such type of processed materials for creating their gum soles; but there are many that must be called as natural gum, instead of just simple gum.

Sneakers got their name just because of rubber:

From past several years, soles of almost all types of shoes are being made from leather material. The first most rubber-soled shoes arrived in later 1890s; however, the real sneaker came into the market in 1917. Keds company designed their first vulcanized rubber shoes while innovating the concept of bonding between the rubber sole and canvas upper.

These shoes were observed to be very quiet and resilient; they even allowed wearers to sneak up any fellow silently; hence, the name was given “Sneakers”. Today they have become an integral part of our lifestyle with their stylish and appealing looks. You can find many of them easily on shoe customization websites.

After knowing these amazing facts, you may definitely love to create your own custom shoes with all such amazing properties. There are plenty of shoes you can customize with a variable range of properties. Checkout some latest design options at FreakyShoes platform.

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