The Ultimate Solution to Moldy Shoes and Musty Clothes

The Ultimate Solution to Moldy Shoes and Musty Clothes

The Ultimate Solution to Moldy Shoes and Musty Clothes:


If you left your damp clothes or shoes inside the house by mistake and go on work, on your return, you will find a stinky smell that would have conquered all over your house. The stink is caused by the mold or the fungi that grow on clothes as well as on any item that is left wet for a particular period.


The mold is initiated by the excess of moisture in the air and results in a reeking smell which is not good for the nose as well. Moreover, sometimes when things like clothes or your custom name slides are left untreated or left in the washing machine without air drying, the mold starts appearing on the items and it is visible.


There is nothing to be worried about if the fungi conquer your household items, there are various products that can be helpful to you to get rid of the fungi and they treat the mold without harming the product. If you want to also prevent the mold from growing on the customs slips on sandals or your clothes from the very beginning, then also there are some ways which you will read to prevent moldy things.


The solution to the mold or removing mildew from clothes


You can create your own sandals without worrying about the mold or fungi as here is the solution to the mold that is concrobium mold control which is a non-toxic formula and treats the mildew clothes. There are various toxic chemicals or liquids which are used to get rid of the mold but the chemicals leave your belongings damaged.


Follow the given steps to get rid of must clothes and shoes


  • firstly, spray the concrobium on the affected area where the mold is growing. The solution starts drying and then it works on the spores

    to prevent the further growth of the mold.


  • Next, you have to take a piece of cloth on which there should be some solution to concrobium and remove the leftover residue from the shoes.


  • So, after you customize your own slides shoes, spray the anti-mold solution and the solution will form a colorless layer on your product which

    will prevent any further growth of the mold. But be prepared from before and first spray the solution on a small part and do a quick test.


  • After you are done with the process of removing and preventing mildew, you can again wash your clothes and shoes and you will also get rid

    of the stinky smell that had overtaken your belongings.


To know how to customize slides without worrying about the mildew to be grown on it, prevent the items from being damp for a longer period as well as also air dry them properly after each wash.


In conclusion, prevention is better than cure. So, prevent the mold from growing on your things from the very beginning and if by chance the mold grows, you can surely follow the above method to get rid of it thoroughly.





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