Thin Blue Line Customer Review!

Thin Blue Line Customer Review!


Thin Blue Line Customer Review:

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Quote from @NerdCopBlog: These shoes are super neat. When I first started this stuff, I never imagined cool stuff like this would happen. Pete was incredibly easy to work with and he has some incredible custom shoes. I sized up a half size and they fit great. If I get another pair, I’ll probably try to go a little wider but that’s a me problem.


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Customize your own basketball shoes online

The basketball game is tough and required lots of stamina and energy. It involves running, dodging, and jumping. To be a good basketball player one needs to be active and energetic. Lots of footwork is involved in this game. To run, jump and dodge easily and smoothly players wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

The shoes play an important role in is basketball sports. Basketball players give due attention while choosing a pair of shoes to wear during the game. A good pair of shoes are comfy, relaxing and light. Basketball shoes are not only light in weight but also durable and attractive.

As mentioned earlier the game involves lots of footwork so the shoes must be of superior quality to withstand the pressure and strain during the game. The basketball shoes of Freaky Shoes ( meet all the requirements for basketball and other sports. The process of manufacturing is executed under the supervision of athletes and footwear experts.

Our basketball shoes are not only the first choice of players but also liked by other athletes. Due to our customization service common public is also taking an interest and customizing their shoes online to copy the style of their favorite basketball players.



At you can customize and design your own basketball shoes. We help you to materialize your dream to create your own basketball shoes. You can now have your own basketball shoes with your signature on it like Michael Jordan. Just imagine, visit website, design, and order.

You will get your pair of basketball shoes at your doorstep. Our exclusive customization service is for all ages, foot sizes and gender. Don’t miss this opportunity and lace up the shoes which your favorite athletes are wearing or be creative to create your own unique design and lead the trend.

Our customization program is offering you many services. At the website of, you can see lots of basketball sports shoe styles. Some styles are plain and ready to serve as a canvas for your design to be printed. Others are printed by our expert footwear designers.

You may customize your own design on plain shoes or modify already designed shoes according to your choice. Our easy step by step customization process will guide you through each step and you will be seeing the process in real time on screen. You may upload your favorite logo, picture or signature to be printed on your favorite basketball shoes.

During the designing process, you will be playing with colors, patterns and styles. After the process, we will send you the confirmation mail and once confirmed your order will be sent to the production department. You will receive your basketball customized pair of shoes shipped at your home within 7-10 working days.

The basketball shoes of Freaky Shoes are manufactured in state of art facility using high quality material and durable. Now play, run, walk, exercise wearing your customized pair of basketball shoes and you will feel like running on clouds. Great news is these high quality shoes are shipped FREE worldwide.


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