This is How You Can Clean Your Sneakers as Per Respective Material

This is How You Can Clean Your Sneakers as Per Respective Material

This is How You Can Clean Your Sneakers as Per Respective Material:

New pair of sneakers is always exciting. The problem begins when they get dull and dirty with the passages of time. When you get an expensive pair of sneakers, then they are worth taking care of. Here are some effective ways to keep the new look of sneakers maintained without damaging the quality. The techniques do not differ too much from material to the material, but there are some key points to remember.


Avoid Washing Machine

First of all, you should never put your sneakers into the washing machine. So often washing machine damages the material.



Nylon mesh is a breathable net material which works like a charm for a runner, but the netting catches the dust easily. You should use a dry brush to clean your mesh sneakers.

Mix baking soda and vinegar in equal quantity and put it gently on the dirty spots. Let the mixture do its magic for about fifteen minutes. Use a dry brush to scrub your sneakers for about 2 minutes, and that’s about it.


Faux Leather

Use a rag to and soak in the mixture of mind detergent and warm water and clean up the dirty spots on your synthetic or faux leather shoes. Then use a simple dry brush to scrub your shoes for about a minute or two.



You need to be more cautious and gentler with knit sneakers. Use a soft cloth soaked in mild bath soap to clean them. Avoid the dry brush or use of detergents. It is a little difficult process but the effective one to maintain the quality and to avoid any damage.



One of the most durable materials for sneaker but they catch dirt quite easily and quickly. Mix baking soda and water in equal amounts. Dip out of function toothbrush in the mixture and scrub your canvas sneaker with it until they are clean. Let it dry and enjoy the fresh look again.


Clean the inside of your sneakers once in a while as well but very gently, with mild detergent and water mixture.

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