Tips for Removing Oil from Leather Shoes

Tips for Removing Oil from Leather Shoes

Tips for Removing Oil from Leather Shoes:


We try hard, but it is difficult to avoid some accidents. Getting oil on favorite leather shoes is one of the worse things that can happen to anyone. But if you know some trusted cleaning tips, you can take quick action. No matter what type of oil it is, whether some lighter one such as olive oil; or you have spoiled the appeal with motor oil. The idea is to use some other substance that can soak away all the oil to help you restore the original look.


If you are interested in custom make your own shoe, it is first good to learn a few tips and tricks to save them from oil damage. Below we have listed a few ideas from a branded footwear company to help you maintain the finest appeal of your favorite shoes.


Tips for Removing Oil from Leather Shoes

  • Use cornstarch:


Experts advise using cornstarch to remove oil stains from expensive leather shoes. Whether you are using suede, polished leather or smoother one, this option can work well. The idea is to put some cornstarch on the stain and rub the surface with a finger. Do it as long as you start feeling some heat due to friction caused by rubbing action. Now, wipe cornstarch. You can repeat the procedure until the surface gets cleaner.


  • Check out a few alternatives:


In case if you don’t have cornstarch at home, some other household staples can also serve the purpose. Experts recommend using talcum powder as a perfect replacement to cornstarch. All that you need to do is apply this powder on the oil-stained leather shoes in a similar manner as that of cornstarch. Now rub the area, wipe it and repeat the process until the stain is removed.


  • Hands off:


Some of you may feel that it is important to take your leather shoes to the dry cleaner as soon as possible to give it perfect oil removal treatment. But the great news is that some home-based techniques may also help to restore basketball shoes logos. However, it is also important to mention that if you fail to provide immediate treatment to the oil damage, it is better to take the shoes to the experts to prevent further damage.


The Don’ts:


The professional designer shoe brand logos at FreakShoes recommend following adequate procedures for treating stains on shoes. You should be careful to avoid some don’ts to ensure adequate health for your shoes. There is an extensive range of products that should be avoided including varnish, saddle soaps, oils, detergent soaps, cleaning solvents, ammonia products and abrasive cleaners.


Preventive tips:


Experts also advise using some protective sprays on the leather shoes to maintain their shine and elegance for years. The protective spray can also save your shoes from annoying stains. Although you can easily make your own sneakers from scratch, it is equally important to follow proper polishing techniques to maintain their looks. When you are already aware of how to make custom shoes, it is important to buy some of the best polishes and cleaning products to maintain your expensive shoes. You can also get logo for shoes company to set up your custom shoe brand.


Tips for Removing Oil from Leather Shoes

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