Tips To Clean Sneakers Based On Material Type

Tips To Clean Sneakers Based On Material Type

Tips To Clean Sneakers Based On Material Type:

A fresh pair of sneakers adds on to personality and gives it an edge. The main issue is that in one wear only your new shoes can turn dull, mainly if your shoes are white. After a few treks or runs to the gym, or in unexpected rain, your shoes can turn worse.

With some simple easy to follow tips, you can effortlessly clean your sneakers. The most important thing to note is, you should avoid washing your sneakers in the washing machine. It is because it can affect the structure and integrity of foam that impacts the shoes negatively. It also then fails to offer consistent cushioning or responsive feeling.


This is an important note when it comes to running shoes.


Clean sneakers based on the material type

Mesh: The nylon mesh is best for the runners as it is a breathable fabric, but netting catches all dust and dirt that you kick up while exercising. You can use a dry brush for removing excess dirt and can add part of baking soda, vinegar, let the same sit on the dirty spot for 15 minutes.

Gently scrub it for one minute, and wipe the same with a clean and soft rag. Let your shoes air dry.


Synthetic leather

Soak a dry rag in the warm water and laundry detergent, and wipe down your dirty areas. Gently scrub the shoe area with a brush for one minute. Wipe with a soft rag for removing the remaining detergent, and let it air dry.

You will also find the smudges will lift easily, as the stain doesn’t get soak into synthetic leather as it does with the nylon mesh.



It is highly suggested to be gentle with your knit shoes. The knits are pliable and soft, which makes them fragile enough as compared to other fabrics. You must avoid brushing, that can be a little rough for knitting.

For knit running shoes, it is recommended to use a soft cloth. This takes little labor for getting out the stains, but it is highly effective.



The canvas sneakers are highly durable, but they tend to get dirty easily. For cleaning such shoes, it is suggested to use a cleaning paste of warm water and baking soda and clean your shoes with the best help of a toothbrush.

  • Dip your toothbrush in this mixture and scrub with it on your canvas until they are properly clean. Let your shoes dry with this mixture

    on, and wipe off the hardened baking soda pieces with a damp cloth.


  • It is always good to wash sneakers manually for preserving the integrity of the shoe. The canvas is sturdy enough than other fabrics

    and can withstand gently run through the washing machine too.


  • Make sure your washing machine is set on the delicate cycle, and make use of cold water and mild laundry detergent.

    Once the cycle is over, let your shoes air dry.


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Tips To Clean Sneakers Based On Material Type


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