Top 10 Outfit Essential For Upcoming EDC

Top 10 Outfit Essential For Upcoming EDC

Top 10 Outfit Essential For Upcoming EDC:


The countdown for EDC Las Vegas 2020 has started and now when your travel pack and hotel are booked, it the best time for planning your EDC outfit.

EDC festival is known as the rave wear fashion. Everyone has their most amazing rave dresses ready for going for three days of peace, love, unity and respect madness.

Many of the girls have been seen decorating their old bras with bedazzling and flowers. You can see many guys in neon attires too that can take away your heart.

No matter, what your style is, check out the top outfit essentials for upcoming EDC 2020 below,

1. LED glasses

They are the hottest EDC accessory of 2020. You can find a range of colorful, flashing patterns. They are also available in the form of Goggles too.

2. Light up Bra

They are a must for the EDC events. The girls glue some flowers, rhinestones, glitters and other accessories. It perfectly matches with all the outfits, from matching shorts to fishnets, tutus and more.

3. Lux Glove set

This can keep you completely entertained on your long shuttle ride. If you are the one who is camping, then it can keep your party going to the campsite. These glove colors can be customized easily and stay bright all night.

4. Colorful bandana

It acts as the best rave accessory for all. It can spice up any of your outfits and acts as the icing on the cake. You can either your hair with it, rage your face or can carry it as a mask.

5. Starry shorts

The vibrant and bright shorts are trendy and chic. The booty shorts are must for all as it turns too hot in the event. You can either pair them with fluffies or crop tops and can turn them as the best-styled rave outfit ever.

6. Hydration backpack

This is something that is a must for surviving in the Nevada desert. One can fill it with two liters of water and can keep you hydrated all night long.

7. Bodysuits

The bodysuits are an attractive outfit. You can look hot and alluring in it. You can get your hands on the lace-up bodysuit and can flaunt your inner unicorn during the event.

8. Owl designed tops

As the symbol of Insomniac is an owl, an owl designed top is perfect for the staple event, EDC. You can run around all day and night in this attire with the night owls scribbled on your tops. These art-inspired and trippy designs match well with the art vibe and can make your weekend most memorable.

9. Glowing goggles

Get your hands on the neon goggles which can light up under electric sky as your most favorite accessory. Its kaleidoscope lens looks majestic when you don’t wear them and even when you put them, you will expect your face melted from fractals.

10. Trippy shorts

Wear colorful, fun and trippy shorts for your upcoming EDC event this time. They are best for a pool party and also for PLUR festivals.

Grab your favorite rave outfit today and feel party-ready every time with updates online.




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