Top Sneaker Trends in 2020-2021

Top Sneaker Trends in 2020-2021

Top Sneaker Trends in 2020-2021:

In the coming years many new trends and models in the footwear industry are going to capture and compete in the market. Footwear industry is getting more and more innovative and fashion savvy so are the customers. Unlike dresses and other accessories the footwear are used repeatedly and for longer period f time so you should know what trends will be on top of the list in coming years.


A distress and frustration you will feel after buying a costly pair of shoes which is “in the trend” now but become outdated after few months in coming years in our concern for you. In order to keep you updated about the new upcoming trends and fashion styles in the shoe business is always our priority at Freaky Shoes.


In order to make this list and selecting the models and designs which are going to be Freaking trendy in the coming years our team has gone through thorough research of both market and trends based on established “Trend Analysis” parameters. In this research based blog we have just demonstrated our results to analyze the current trends and predict the upcoming………


The Chunky Sneakers – The Legacy continue….


The stylish chunky sole featured sneakers will continue to dominate the footwear market in 2019 and in the 2020. All the luxury and prominent sneaker brands are already set to prepare due to influence by the design as several leaked news revealing the New Adidas Silhouettes is also in the game. The old 90’s chunky styles vibes with some new features are set planned to be displayed in the shelves. The hybrid of 90’s vibe-runners with modern fixtures will be trendy in season.

In the nutshell the released models of Nike Zoom 2K, Original Falcons from Adidas and kayano 5 are predicting the future trend of chunky sneakers.

White is Always in Game

White has always been the signature color with different styles for the sneakers. The trend of simple white sneakers is getting more and more popularity is all genres of sneakers designs.

The white is still the hot selling brand of the sneakers. In fashion industry just checks out the Virgil Abloh’s Paris Fashion Show for Louis Vuitton where only two shades were dominating the show.

Future of Sneakers is Classy Textured Model.


Although sneakers are liked by every unisex age group but youth set and fallows the trends. The bulky and unusual messy textured style sneakers are future of the sneaker fashion. The great thing about textured sneakers is in its unique design with which unusual and difficult to shape designs.

With advancement in the technology the impossible textured sneakers are going to be the very possible and in trend in many coming years. The iconic Golf Grass Nike Air Max 1 is aesthetically bulky and bold textured style sneaker in the unique and different way.

90’s Neon Lights in revival


According to many fashion expert and footwear trend analysts the neon styled trend is next unique feature to compete among the companies. These neon styles were popular on the dancing floor during the parties and in clubbing but now with denim this footwear is going to roam as a new trend in the

street as casual design

The Dunk – Revival is awesome


The 1985 Nike released basketball shoe with multiple layers of different colors were popular among college basketball teams in those days which use to motivate the whole team to play in one spirit.

The Dunk designs are going to be revived as fashion with it practical features due to many reasons. The Nike X Staple Panda SB has been released massively in 2018 but it’s not only reason for it revival.

The design of the Dunk allow to use in court and as well as the practical sneakers to be opted by skateboarders for skateboarding for its padded design. Not only in skateboarding or in court this classical design is perfect to use on daily basis in streets as a classical - casual design.



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