Top Ways To Restore Suede Shoes

Top Ways To Restore Suede Shoes

Top Ways To Restore Suede Shoes:

Everyone loves their pair of boots and suede shoes and even their suede jacket. But keeping the suede in proper shape is the most complicated job, mainly in spring and winter. The wintry elements like snow, rain, and sleet hardly suit suede items and April showers make these things worse.


But with little planning details, you can easily restore suede shoes, you can wear them all day long and can keep them in the best condition. There are some top ways to keeping suede boots and shoes as amazing and new.


Top Ways To Restore Suede Shoes


Preparation process

As you are all set to work on your shoes, you want them to be in good shape. Suede shoes are very supple and soft and they are prone to easy damage and may also lose their shape. First, you need to stuff newspaper in your shoes to maintain its shape when you are cleaning or brushing them.

Stuff the newspaper properly so that it may properly pack the toe of your shoes from inside as this is most prone to collapse.


Cleaning process

You need a suede brush for this as normal leather brushes are stiff and they may damage the suede. Take the suede brush and brush away the dirt gently which gets trapped within the shoe fibers.

It is most important for you to brush in the direction of the fibers and don’t go back and forth as this may damage your suede shoes.


Remove scuffs

Don’t add water as this may ruin the suede. There are few things that you need which include,

  • A suede eraser

  • Rubber cleaning stone

  • And a crepe rubber

Gently rub these things on your suede shoes in your fiber's direction so that your shoes don’t get damaged.



When you clean your suede shoes with a brush, make sure you use a soft brush and brush along with the shoes, this can help in lifting the nap which can make them appear softer and fresher. After this, store your shoes in a proper place. It is highly recommended by the expert to wrap your suede shoes in a tissue paper lightly and store them in a shoebox.

If you don’t have a shoebox, keep them in a proper place where they can dry off easily.


What to do in case of stains?

Sometimes the suede shoes get damaged due to stains. With the help of 100% effective DIY tips to restore suede shoes, you can now say bye to even tough stains.


Use cornmeal or talcum powder

If someone has spilled liquid on your favorite suede shoes, don’t stress. Pat that particular area with a clean towel and apply a layer of talcum powder or cornmeal. Let it stay in that place overnight and brush your shoe the other day with a suede brush for removing the dried powder.


With the best introduction of DIY tips for shoes, you can now keep your suede shoes in the best condition. Follow for more updates.

Top Ways To Restore Suede Shoes

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