Top Ways To Store Shoes

Top Ways To Store Shoes

Top Ways To Store Shoes:

If you are a shoe lover, then your prime need is to store your shoes carefully and protect them from the sun, water, and dust and keep them safe even when they are in your shoe storage. Storing them can help in increasing their longevity feature and makes them appear amazing.

The easiest ways for storing shoes.


Cleaning shoes

Storing shoes that have dust, dirt or other residues can cause the shoe material to degrade after some time. This is true for suede and leather-made shoes. Cleaning them well on time and after every wear can best help you.

Before you store them, make sure they are clean and they don’t have dust on it or around.


Categorize them with purpose and season

Another way to store your shoes is, keeping them sorted as per season and purpose. This can keep your things organized and shoes in good condition too. You can either put your dress shoes or heels together, store your winter shoes in different places, put sandals, flip flops and summer shoes in one place.

You can sort your casual shoes and exercise ones together.


Use balled acid-free paper

If you want your shoes to stay in the same position for long and if in case you are keeping them in one position for at least a month, the stuff your shoes with the balled acid-free paper. These papers help the shoes in retaining their shape.

Make sure whatever paper you use, it should be acid-free as acid can damage the shoe material. Don’t use the newspaper as this may discolor your shoes.


Store your boots upright

This is the simplest trick that you can follow and you will yourself feel the difference. If you are having stylish boots and you wear them occasionally, then store them in an upright position.

This means if the tops of the boots will be flop over for a long time, this can give rise to the permanent crease in your boots. If you don’t want to go for the boot stands, then follow this trick of using a wine bottle (empty) for keeping your boots upright.

Find a good solution for convenient storage of shoes


Make use of a designated mat and storage solution

You should have a good storage box where you can keep all your shoes in the right way. If you also want to keep your everyday shoes in the same place, then use a different mat for it. This helps in keeping the dust off from your favorite shoes.


Avoid storing the wet shoes

Keep a separate section for the wet shoes in case you are washing them or if they have got wet in rain. It is because the wet shoes take time in drying. Don’t put them in any of the storage containers as they get molded-in storage and make them smell really bad.

Place them in a cool and ventilated place before your store them anywhere.



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