Tyrone Magnus - American YouTuber, Actor, and Producer

Tyrone Magnus - American YouTuber, Actor, and Producer

Tyrone Magnus

Tyrone Crawly alias Tyrone Magnus is an American YouTuber, actor, and producer with much of his business being staged on online platforms. Magnus was born on June 14th 1977 in Haddonfield, New Jersey, United States. Tyrone weighs 80 Kgs and measures 5’ 12” by height.

Tyrone’s social handle include Youtube as Tyrone Magnus https://www.youtube.com/user/TyroneMagnus, Instagram as Tyrone Magnus https://www.instagram.com/tyronemagnus/?hl=en, and Facebook at Tyrone Magnus as well https://www.facebook.com/public/Tyrone-Magnus.

Tyrone Magnus previously worked in sales before he started his acting career which doubled into modelling, production, and YouTubing. According to Tyrone, he stated out his screenplay role and social media content development out of passion and belief. He says that he was motivated by a lot of people in his young life who showed a belief that his voice was destined for a television role.

Tyrone Magnus burst into the limelight in 2014 when his video clip of a reaction to the teaser of Episode VII of Star Wars – The Force Awakens went viral and posted by Reddit. The video got more than 1.3 million views and was shared all around the world, including in the United Kingdom. Prior to this teaser, Tyrone's Youtube channel was used mainly as a wrestling talk show. He used his channel to review matches and talk about his favourite wrestlers and his love for the game. He, however, switched to a review channel after his fans sent him some trailers of Man Of Steel to review. He fast evolved to reacting and discussing all kinds of videos and trailers. He reviewed Try Not To Laugh video which you can catch on the Tyrone Magnus Try Not To Laugh Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tyrone+magnus+try+not+to+laugh.

These events led Tyrone to the 2014 break out that brought a lifeline to his promising social media career. He then landed his first acting job in the series Dragon Ball Absalon where he played the role of Tamanegi. Since then, Magnus has featured in a number of television series programs and movies such as Collider Jedi Council in 2016, Londyn in 2018, Vengeance, Dollface: Road To The Apocalypse and Prince Adventures in 2020. He has also had stints as a producer and associate producers in Chase and Shadows. Additionally, Tyrone Magnus has also involved himself with gaming earning his a role in the Dragon Ball Fissions in 2016.

Social blade ranks Magnus as one of the highest YouTubers in The United States, clocking the top 3,000 ranks. He has an average subscription of 1.73 million people with his videos accumulating 643 million views with less than 10,000 video uploads. Furthermore, his comedy rank according to social blade stands at 530th globally https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/tyronemagnus.

In 2012, Tyrone Magnus was honoured alongside Ben Schreen with the International Modeling and Talent Association Actor of the Year award. Also, Magnus was featured in the NBC video which was creating his profile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0vu1Wv71aE, which he reacted to afterwards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8Ags6SmtsU.

Magnus Tyrone wife

Magnus is not yet married, in fact, he went to announce it on his video Tyrone Magnus and Scar-Lo's Relationship Q and A. he took it to his channel and answered fans' questions about if they were married or engaged. He, however, confirmed they are together with Scar-Lo. Moreover, they said that they were not engaged nor had plans but were open to making a family in future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B22eYLr__m4.

Tyrone’s shoe collection

It s evident that Tyrone Magnus likes his shoes customized. From this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHIEzz1kbbU&t=140s, it is rather clear that he likes to personalize his wears. Either clothing or footwear, he seems to like his face, act and craft on them. The shoe brand he received on this occasion was made by Freaky Shoes – a company that specializes in the manufacture of custom made footwear. Freakyshoes.com is an online platform in which one is able to customize shows by uploading their craft and logos and effecting their art on a plain shoe. After the design is finished, the customer submits the order for manufacture. Meanwhile, the client waits for the shipment of their orders which are delivered at their convenience.

About Freaky Shoes

This platform was developed to bridge the gap created by couturiers, whereby the role of coming up with designs was entirely theirs. They used their skill and talent to attract people who wanted a product that fitted their needs, specifications and personality. When the number and demand of these services soared, there was a need to branch it out. The branch had a lot of prospective but not the part where you get to do your own designs. This brings you to freakshoes.com. Here, you are given the liberty to choose a sneaker and effect your own designs which may or may not be influenced by the social-economic environment, mood and feelings or dreams.

There are lots of ideas out here for designer shoes. Also, a lot of online sites provide these services for free. If you need a customized design and need a little inspiration, you can always refer to those things close to you and those that you draw confidence and belief from. Tyrone’s custom-made sneakers are informed by his love for gaming and the work he does. In fact, the graphics on the Magnus sneakers by Freaky Shoes that were presented to Tyrone Magnus came from his social media platform.

On his video, he referred his fans to freakyshoes.com and maintained that were he to get numerous orders of his shoe brand, and he would supply it to the market. This presents another angle about footwear made online through custom-making platforms. You can log in to freakyshoes.com then, design your own rand shoes and introduce them to the market. Through this, you will have made your own name through shoes. You don’t want to know how much the Air Jordan brand is worth in the Nike market right now.

Furthermore, at freakyshoes.com, you are not limited by the number of shoes you design or the number of products you order. Also, you have the liberty to choose the theme to brand the boots with. You can design social partying shoes, charity, events, etc. Freaky shoes got you covered with sneakers, slides, and custom-made shoes of all walks. This is a one-stop-shop for shoes; where you log in, design and order. The product is then shipped to you within a short duration.

The demand for custom-made shoes

Internet and the ever-growing social space has made it easy for human beings to showcase art, skills, talent, etc. Most importantly, social media has brought people together such that one image taken in a country in Europe would get its way into Africa and other continents, thank s to the power that social spaces wield. Some people tap into this power to let others know of the ideas they have, and through them, they can earn a living. For instance, the global industry for fashion has grown considerably and all due to the availability of the internet.

In the same line, the internet has opened up opportunities by creating tools that people could use to better their ideas and perfect their art into exceptional designs that can be used in multiple applications. Therefore, having a platform such as freakyshoes.com enables you to express yourself without fear of being left out. With everything being shared and viewed by millions of people within a matter of days, you might want to stake your claim of the market and promote your product. In other words, the internet is an endless ladder of opportunities. It is not only about looking yourself uniquely but also using that image you have created to build a profile which gravitates people towards you were you to hit the market with ay product.

Why freaky shoes should be your preferred brand

You already know that freaky shoes are the clients’ specified brand of footwear. The company is aware that what people want is to feel themselves. In this regard, they have developed a 3-dimensional virtual model platform that allows you to generate and apply your design on your sneakers without breaking a sweat. Whereas traditional systems of couturiers have already established this norm, it is evident that this is not enough. Further, it would be much more comfortable and efficient if you designed online and submitted an order all at once other than having your order on the queue for longer than required.

The state of the art software that is used on this site allows you to have an enhanced vision as you go about exploring your design ideas and executing them on the shoe rather than on the canvas. The uniqueness of the design project depends heavily on the ability of the design to visualize and apply intricate artwork that has not been used anywhere else. This is what the contemporary designers could not do for fear of redundancy and widespread adoption of the clients' ideas that will ultimately flood in the market.

Such are risks that you may not want to follow through, especially if you needed to build your own market brand. This leaves you with one secure site, and that would be freakyshoes.com. Fashion gurus agree that the perfect shoe to wear is the one you got from a designer. Such pairs are regarded as the most expensive due to the craft, time, and labour put into the project. With freakyshoes.com, you are assured of quality products with the same process; however, slightly differentiated by the fact that it is a little faster and that you are responsible for your own designs. This is totally unlike the initial process of giving instructions on how you want to have your item done.

Here, the client does all the design work. The work of sewing and production is left for the company. This is how they are able to produce quality products for their clients—the platform partners with some of the renowned experts that can sew your shoes within the notice. Therefore, the client has the option of using the machines, and the human hand to produce their shoes. A hand-stitched shoe is long-lasting, accurate to scale and has a high unit of standards. The designs created here also offer extra services such as shoe-lacing and lining.

For those who are just looking for shoe products that are readily available and customized, you are not left behind, either. At Freaky Shoes, you are given an option to either purchase the shoes that are already designed or customize yourself from scratch. Those who opt for this option are given a wide range of items to choose from including gaming, comic book designs, contemporary features, etc. this means that you can easily use their ideas by mixing with yours to start a successful shoe line. From Tyrone's video, you can see how the credibility of the sneaker is talked about. Freaky shoes got to design him this pair of sneakers and would wish to do it for you too. Visit their website now https://www.freakyshoes.com to learn how to get custom shoes specially made for you.

Tyrone Magnus - American YouTuber, Actor, and Producer


Another impressive feature of freaky shoes is that they allow customers to choose the color of sneakers they want. So, as you edit, you are given color options for your project. Also, the fabrics used are of top quality collected from outstanding manufacturers. Being a firm that relies on online market for more clicks and conversions, freaky shoes is one of those firms that do not interfere with the quality of the items they deal in. By so doing, they retain customer confidence and enhances the market reach in the event such customers send referrals.

At freakyshoes.com, you are guaranteed of an aesthetic attribute by necessitating and availing the required imaginative ideas and tools to a real three-dimensional table. Based on the online trend, and in reference to the thousands of disapproving views about some people of affiliate brands in the industry, it is indeed an unfortunate situation whereby your custom-made material does not come close to fitting their imaginative design. Borrowing a leaf from such occurrences, Freaky Shoes will do all it can to achieve the top satisfaction level for the client.

The other factor that the company considers to be pertinent to people is the issue of affordability. Now, it is true that people will tend to focus on serving the target market. Growth in a business is always imminent. Therefore, as a good show of appreciation and belief to its customers, you are able to buy a pair or two of these shoes at a perfectly comfortable price.

In other terms, a buyer will be looking for quality products. While they can see that they are stocked, they shall be subconsciously checking the pricing of the shoes. In economics, the will to purchase minus the buying power is useless since it does not create the required demand. It puts a lot of businesses on a crossroad when such a dilemma comes to pass. But, with acceptable rates, you are looking at increased revenue due to increased demand from willing and able prospective customers.

Additionally, some people are not able to use the standard shoe sizes of 40, 41, 42… 45. They either have smaller or larger feet which require extended or minimized sizes for them. Freaky Shoes is perfect for such concerns for it is able to redraw and customize your footwear according to the owners' request. Therefore, instead of putting on pumps or sneakers that will only squeeze your feet or have those that fall off your feet, reach out to Freakyshoes.com and reserve your preferred shoe type, size, colour, and design.

Durability is an essential factor to consider while shopping for your footwear. The owner’s satisfaction lies in the realization that you have procured an item that would last for longer such that you get then the value for your money as opposed to the market products that debut the market with a promise to be out in a couple of months. In business, corporate reputation is crucial in many ways, including market share. Considering that you will be selling and organizing your business online, one negative feedback from your prospective client may take away all other potential clients. Now that you freakyshoes.com as your designated shoe manufacturer and designer, you are on the correct trajectory.

What freaky shoes have done is to integrate all the marketing ideas into one. So that is you wanted to customize the shoe for yourself, or you wanted a brand which is already designed, you will get them at affordable prices. Also, they have put up a framework where you are able to tell the company what your preferences are regarding hand stitching or machine production. Such an idea makes it one departmental store where every shoe customization option is available to its customers.

Furthermore, its apparel and textile industry has been in constant evolution every after a year. Those custom shoes that were viewed as classic are nowhere to be seen now. Equally, cloths worn last year are dangerously edging out of the market. This is an industry that is informed by the need to move on fast from yesterday's success. People are inspired with new ideas so quickly that they would not stay for a while the rest of the industry is moving on. It is by this virtue that freaky shoes decided to enable the clients to choose what is best for them. By best, we mean creating your best. As much as there are options to choose from, the company lets you practice your fundamental right for a choice.

If you are creative enough, you can use the tools that are provided on the site to come up with an outstanding design. The good thing about freaky shoes is that they don’t steal peoples designs. If this were the case, then there would not be a reason to have to make custom footwear only to see it with someone else. Humans have that inherent need to want to look original and sophisticated in their own way. The need to have a say on what they don pushes them to want to be unique in everything. This might be the reason why you see a lot of fast changes in regard to items that are linked to human consumption. For instance, we have looked at changing their clothes every now and then – not to keep up, but to look different. Also, you can see how people change accessories such as mobile phones, cars, and some even continue with schooling to attain more degrees on top of what they already have. This is an innate feeling of wanting to be independent and on top of the pile. Freakyshoes.com is your mate when it comes to being a step ahead in footwear.

Freaky Shoes and culture

Being around many people from different parts of the world brings you to the glaring realization of how different human beings dress. This is attributed heavily to the culture in their homes. For example, as the world comes together during games, says Olympics, they dress in similar attire specially made for the sport. However, the dress code in the Asian and further eastern nations and Africans differ from the western countries, which also has some variations. In fact, dressing in Mexico differs from a high degree from the stuffing in the United States.

Similarly, what people from West Africa put on is very different from what those in east wear. It is due to these variations that freakyshoes.com stands to unite all these differences and harness the diversity, hence creating a beautiful world with common differences. Freaky Shoes exists in the United States and China. This brings the two cultures together when it comes to footwear. This, however, does not limit the company from serving other people outside these two countries.

In addition to creating your designs online on the platform, the site also encourages people who can create logos then upload them to do so. It is an imaginative craft that builds unique designs. For instance, the graphics on Tyrone Magnus' YouTube channel were uploaded to create an exciting shoe outline on freakyshoes.com. Many people would not turn down the chance to have an Italian designer to have their measurements to design their suit. As Italian designs are with cloths, freaky shoes are the forces to revere in the shoe crafting industry. With a broad scope of choice and availability of hand sewers, you are guaranteed with one of the best services at competitive rates.

Concerns with Freaky Shoes


As you earlier noted, operations including manufacturing, packaging and shipping are carried out in China. Shipping and transportation to inland addresses are carried out by DHL and FedEx. Since these international transport companies do not carry goods to PO Boxes, you will not be able to get your parcel at your doorstep. However, if you are located in any country that has the services of these two shipping companies, then, you will be able to receive your commodities from Freaky Shoes. After you place an order with the company, production will take an approximate time of 15 days. After that, your goods shall be packaged for shipping which takes approximately two weeks. However, the number of days to ship the goods will depend on the destinations of the customers.

Order returns and cancellations

At freakyshoes.com, the client is encouraged to design their own shoes that do not only fit them in regard to sizes but also it is accurate and consistent with the designs they envisioned. The only variation may result from colour intensities during printing and the ones on the design platform. Putting in mind these facts, it is indeed true that after designing your product, another person may not express any form of interest in wanting the product. Therefore, as Freaky Shoes retains your right to design, it also preserves the same right to the company that a client upon creating their custom made shoes; they should not return or cancel the order. This is why, before placing the order with freaky shoes, look to ascertain that everything is okay with the item.

As to whether Freaky shoes can be affected by low standards and defective designs; it is indeed true that companies often have faulty products. Regardless, freaky shoes continue to produce the best quality shoes in the market. These brands cannot be duplicated since the owners uniquely design them. In a case where you receive a defective pair of shoes, feel free to reach out to info@freakyshoes.com and send pictures of the product, the order number, and address. The company will send a replacement to you right away. You will, however, keep hold of the faulty product.

Freedom of content

Graphic content on shoe designs does vary depending on the customer's inclination, inspiration and specifications. The company reserves the right to use different kinds of graphics on the models to the customers. However, this right is limited to inappropriate content that includes language, racism, violence, bad imagery, and infringements to trademarked graphics. Therefore, as you design your own craft, you are advised to do so responsibly by using appropriate language, imagery, etc. Also, using trademarked brands will expose the company to lawsuits with the owners of these brands petitioning infringement. Due to these risks, the company does not accept designs with these specifications. By abiding by this principle, then we can say that Freaky shoes will allow you to upload or use any content in shoe customization except those mentioned above.

Means of payment

Since this is an online platform, no cash transactions are allowed. The supplier accepts MasterCard, American Express, Visa, etc. Therefore, if you want to place an order with freakyshoes.com, it is imperative that you have a bank account.

Usually, the means of payment can tell you if the site you are dealing with is legitimate or not. Ignoring all other indicators that Freaky Shoes is a genuine venture, the methods of payment listed above should inform you of the legitimacy of the company.

Gender parity

If you were to visit frakyshoes.com now, you would notice that the site has a few shoes on display including vans, sneakers, trainers, go-walk shoes, and those that are branded in LQBTQ colours. This means that you can get your custom-made shoe whether male, female or other genders. Also, the site offers a variety of shoes which you can design. You can also create the insoles and the shoelaces.

Also, there are many shoe brands depending on the purpose of the footwear. The site has sports shoes, slides, high and low tops, etc.

The bottom line

This article has put into perspective the importance of having to design your own shoe brand. We developed our story based on the Tyrone Magnus’s biography and his video on freaky shoes custom sneaker gift he received. Therefore, based on the story around this YouTuber, we get full access to this site that gives its clients a three-dimensional platform that allows them to express themselves with regards to customizing your shoes.

Tyrone Magnus - American YouTuber, Actor, and Producer

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