When it comes to sports, expertise is not the only thing that guarantees victory, especially in tough competitive games like volleyball or basketball. Come to think of it, many people, probably even you, have excellent basketball skills. But why aren’t you recognized worldwide like Michael Jordan, the greatest player in this sport? It's simple; it takes more than just the basics to be the next James Lebron. Basketball is a short time-taking game yet with the most easy-to-mess rules. It might not be your best game if following simple instructions isn’t your thing. Stick to this page to have a broader understanding of this game.

Understand the basics in basketball

The playing ground for basketball is made of two main parts; the frontcourt and backcourt. The frontcourt, also known as the offensive section, is where the team with the ball stands. The team on this side is the one expected to make a score. The backcourt is where the other squad position themselves as they wait for the ball’s possession. However, the two teams exchange their places once the ball’s possession goes to the awaiting team. The switching will continue in that trend until the game ends.

The positions of players

In a well-established basketball game, five players are playing for each team. Each player has a different role and responsibility. In this game's early history, every player had a specific task to stick to until the end of the game. As the game advanced, tactics changed too, and these days each basketballer can have two or more positions to play at one time.

This game requires continuous movements in the court. Therefore, the players have to flexibly move around and do what’s required of them immediately a situation pops out. Here are the leading positions in basketball and the expected roles for each.

  • Centre

This position is given to the tallest and the best player in the team. The position holder is supposed to have outstanding physical capabilities and must be a real beast in this game. Usually, he is positioned under the basket to prevent defenders who are trying to shoot the ball into it.

Most centers don't make scores past the arch. Their main work is to block their opponents’ attempts to shoot and ensure their territory is well secured. If you can’t clearly understand this position, be keen to see the parts played by Shaqueille O' Neal, DeMarcus, Antony Towns, or Rudy Gobert. They are the best centers in basketball.

  • Power forward

They are ranked second in height after the centers, and their physical qualities are almost the same, only that power forwards are speedier. They are the adjustable players in the court. They can score in the paint and still make a shoot from the midrange. They are expected to guard other players close to the basket actively. Popular power forwards are Antony Davis and Paul Millsap. Here are some essential skills that players with roles of centers and power forwards should have:

  • Crab dribbling

  • Classing finishing drill

  • Post feed and fade away drill

  • Small forward

Shorter players play best in this part. They are the most flexible out of the five positions. Their height enables them to play in the inside and outside comfortably. Since they rank third-best in shooting power, they should have the capacity to do almost everything in the court. Talented players like Lebron James and Kevin Durant perfectly play in this position. If you want to play as the small forward, develop the following skills;

  • Proper ball handling

  • Great shooting tricks

  • Recommendable passing-ball capabilities

  • Good in creating space

  • Nice dribble moves

  • Defensive

  • Post-up game

  • Capable of pick and roll defense

  • Shooting guard

The shortest players in the team are given this role. Surprisingly, they are the beasts in outside shooting. Besides having fantastic shoot styles, they should be perfect in making fast dribbling and good at passing the ball in the court. They are the ones in control of driving the ball down the court and establishing offensive plays. A powerful shooting guard is a great threat to his opponents because he can freely score while in any location in the court. Bradley Beal and James Harden are recognized players of this position. A shooting guard must have these skills:

  • Simple and quick shots

  • Able to master mid-range

  • Keen on reading the court set up

  • Able to make score without dribbling

  • Point guard

They are ranked with the lowest height among their team players yet with the best ball-handling tricks. They are responsible for directing the game hence commonly known as the 'coach on the floor' or the 'floor general.' A point guard needs to have the ability to read the court and build open shots for the receivers, control the ball down the court and make offensive plays. Point guards can easily make long-distance shooting, even as much as shooting guards. Stephen Curry and Rusell Westbrook hilariously play this position.

Is basketball related to baseball in any way?

Basketball and baseball may seem utterly unrelated to each other. Still, both are born from the same history wall. While the two appear to have vast differences, they have few similarities. Beside their names almost sounding similar, they have other matching qualities. In the beginning, both games had nine players each. But after years of advancement, basketball narrowed its players to five.

So, between basketball and baseball, which is better? Sports are important. It's difficult to choose the right game that’ll become your life without any regrets. Most of the time, people chose basketball over baseball. But some individuals can’t let go of baseball no matter what happens. Only you can decide which perfectly matches your desires, skills, and circumstances. Before making up your mind, look at the following to pick what’s rightfully your game:

  • The game’s popularity

  • Your skills

  • The game’s competition

  • Your desired salary

Teams defense in basketball

Basketball is a teamwork sport that requires every player's effort to win and stop your opponent from making a score. The game has two defense types; man-to-man and zone.


This kind of defense takes each individual’s effort. It involves one player blocking an opponent from scoring. When initiating a man-to-man defense, you are required to focus on your player. When he has the ball, you stay between him and the basket and prevent the ball from shooting in. If he doesn’t have the ball, you keep your concentration high and prevent him from getting hold of it. However, that is only the primary defense method. Some situations may need a more reliable defense style, depending on your circumstance.

Zone defense

In this type of defense, players are supposed to stay active, and they all have an area on the floor to cover. Zone defense is broken down into different types, but the one applied the most is 2-3. Here, two players cover the top of the key, and three players positioned near the basket, the center, and forwards. Other used types are 1-3-1 and 2-1-2. In 2-1-2, two defenders guard the outside, the other two patrolling the inside and one in the middle. Sometimes the coaches may choose to use both zone defense and man-to-man defense in the same game. All in all, communication is the best defense tactic that makes the team emerge victorious in the game. If the players communicate well on how to block out their opponent, nothing will prevent them from being winners.

What happens when you violate backcourt’s rules?

What is a backcourt violation?

This rule-ignorance gets charged when the offense fails to pass the ball from backcourt to the frontcourt within the expected time of eight seconds. The penalty for this violation is that the defense team gets the ball's possession.

Other violations you should know

Breaking regulations can lead to the player getting removed from the play, leaving the fans confused and disappointed. Some of these violations are unintentional. The game’s pressure can make the player unconsciously break these regulations resulting in harsh penalties. Usually, the referees count and record the total number of fouls committed by an individual or team, and it can lead to many free throws to the opposing team if they are many. Therefore, you should get familiar with these rules, even those that appear simple and stay on the watch not to commit them.


This situation occurs when a player stays with the ball for long without dribbling. It can also happen when the person who is in the dribbles' hold switches his or her pivot foot.


Here, the player dribbles the ball while his palm is extended to the side or below the ball hin an exaggerated manner. To avoid violating it, ensure your palm is close to the ball and not sideways.

Double dribble

As much as players use stylistic dribbling in the court, double dribbling is a big No. It's wrong for players to pick up their dribble, develop their position, or use two hands to do it.

Held ball

Sometimes two players can get hold of the ball, resulting in a quick clash for it. When this happens, the referee will choose the team that will get the ball’s possession.


Basketball does not allow kicking. If you are also a footballer, you’ll need to change your playing techniques once you are on the basketball pitch.

Free Throw violations

All players must stay in position until the free throw shooter shoots the ball. If the offense crosses the free throw before the shooter releases the ball, there is no point counted. If the defense gets into the free throw lane earlier than the accepted time, another shot trial is awarded to the shooter, if at all they miss.


It occurs when a player inappropriately extends the elbow and hits another player.


It happens when the player destroys the opponent’s balance using their leg or feet. Tripping can severely damage someone, especially when basketball shoes fail to provide enough protection.

Illegal hand use

No one is allowed to hold another player’s hand while playing. It’s also unacceptable to touch the shooter’s arms. It’s easy to mistakenly touch another player’s hand, especially when you are determined to block him from scoring. To avoid getting yourself pulled out from the game, keep your hands at a safe distance from your opponent.

Extra tips for conquering in a basketball game

Besides skills and training, another element appearing to be unnecessary but significantly results in winning in basketball- shoes. Basketball shoes ease the player’s struggles by making it easy for them to make risky moves without hurting themselves.

Therefore, you must know where to buy basketball shoes that’ll serve your needs accurately. Though many companies claim how perfectly their basketball shoes are, not all possess the advertised functionalities. Only go for the right pairs that’ll meet your requirements from all angles without sacrificing any must-have quality. Most basketball shoes are expensive but worth the high cost. The good thing is that you can also wear those same pairs in other games like volleyball. All you have to do is do your research on what basketball shoes are good for volleyball. Another thing to keep in mind is how often you should replace basketball shoes. Regular replacement of shoes plays a significant role in ensuring your feet are protected at all times, giving you the power to apply your skilled moves in the court without breaking an ankle.


Basketball is fun. Before you know it, it’ll be a hobby that you can’t ditch from your life. The article has highlighted almost everything you need to know to be a know-it-all basketball fan. Although it appears a tough game, it’s not as worse as it may seem. All you have to do is learn the regulations and stick to them, work with your players, understand the tricks, and give your best in all. Hopefully, your understanding of this game is at a higher level! Remember, basketball is all about the tricks you show off in court.


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