Ways To Dye Suede Boots: Give Your Boots A New Life

Ways To Dye Suede Boots: Give Your Boots A New Life

Ways To Dye Suede Boots: Give Your Boots A New Life


Are your suede boots looking little worn and tired or color has faded? Before throwing them to the trash, read the guide as to how to dye suede boots.

The natural leather can be quickly and easily transformed, using a dye to give them a new lease of life. One can restore the shoes existing color and can get a fresh look for your shoes.


How to get started with customisable vans?


Select a dye

There are some of the dyes which are formulated for use on the soft leathers, as converse van or suede. This helps in penetrating layers and offers good finishing. There are caveats for coloring. You will not be able to dye a dark color to its lighter one. The lighter is the color of the suede, the better it will be dyed.


Preparing the boots or customizing vans

  • You need to clean your boots properly and remove dirt and dust.

  • Use a suede brush and sweep it all over your boots

  • You can also use a damp sponge for wiping the whole surface of your suede

  • If you have oil stains on your boots, use a suede eraser for removing them.


Dyeing of boots

Once your boots are fully prepared, they are ready for converse customize. Then just start by applying a restorative or new color.


Things you need

  • Newspaper or old rags

  • Rubber gloves

  • Suede dye

  • Old rags or newspaper



Start off by covering work area with newspaper or rags

Stuff the boots with old rags or newspaper and crumpled them in balls. This assists them in holding their shape and preventing the dye that may bleed on inside of boots.

To custome vans, take the brush or an applicator and get ready for applying the dye. The applicators offered with suede dye can be a cotton ball on the end of the wire piece. You can also opt for a bristle brush.

Start by wearing gloves for protecting hands from dye

Dip the brush or your applicator in your dye

Wet it completely and allow the excess for dripping back into its container

You must have around a half teaspoon of the dye on the applicator brush every time when you apply.

Start by applying dye on boots

Never make use of the high quantity of dye at once, else your boots will turn oversaturated.

Make use of circular motions for massaging dye on the boots

Spread your dye evenly over the whole boots outer

Allow first coating of dye for drying 24 hours

If you want a darker color, then you can repeat the process but make sure you wait for at least 24 hours before applying the next coat.



These are the simple methods to get amazing designs on shoes. So once your boots are dyed & dried, there are few things you must know. Use a suede brush for raising the nap as it might have turned flattened by the dye’s weight.

One can make use of a hairdryer and set it on cool and use for ensuring all the fibers have dried well.

Next, you can treat the boots with acrylic or silicone waterproofing spray for getting high-end protection for your customizable converse.


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