Ways To Erase Scuff Marks From Sneakers

Ways To Erase Scuff Marks From Sneakers

Ways To Erase Scuff Marks From Sneakers

There is a popular quote, give someone a right pair of shoes, and they will conquer the world. The most difficult part comes, when you have to keep your shoes in perfect form. You have to keep them clear, clean and scuff free.

No matter, whether you are looking out for ways to keep up your favorite leather pumps or your daily wear flats, here are some of the easy ways which can help you remove scuff marks from sneakers.

Follow the below-mentioned easy ways to erase scuff marks


Use a cleaner

You just need to use the famous cleaner like toothpaste and baking soda to get flawless results. All you need is some amount of toothpaste on a clean cloth and use the same for polishing scuff marks.

Make sure you don’t use a whitening, chemical-heavy or toothpaste in gel form. Further, use another damp cloth for wiping away toothpaste and marks. Let your shoes air-dry. Unless your shoes include a fabric that is likely to be on a dry clean, satin cloth, for example, some amount of laundry detergent can help in offering perfect mix.

Make sure you mix some drops of detergent in lukewarm water and then use a clean cloth for dabbing scuff marks. Once they are all removed, wipe off the residue with a clean cloth.


Use an eraser

Most of the mistakes can be erased simply, but erasing scuff marks from shoes is quite possible. Start by testing a small area of your shoes, use circular motions for buffing scuff marks with an eraser. This method is one that works well for patent leather and vinyl shoes.

It is recommended to use a white eraser for avoiding gummy pink residue.


Try a nail polish remover

Apart from removing nail paint, the nail polish remover is one that works great in removing scuff marks from your sneakers. You just need a small amount of nail paint remover on a cotton ball, then polish your scuff marks in a circular motion.

Further test on a small section of shoes and this works great on various types and variety of shoe fabric which includes basic sneakers to patent leather heels.


Use a baking soda

The baking soda is one which acts as a cleaning applicator for various purposes. Here, you can also use baking soda for removing scuff marks. You just have to combine some amount of baking soda with warm water.

Mix this paste for even consistency and apply on your scuff marks directly. Use a clean cloth for polishing shoes, and remove residue with a clean cloth.


Use general white toothpaste

If you are still struggling with the scuff marks on your shoes, then make use of a general white toothpaste today to remove scuff marks.

So what else do you want? Try these simple hacks to erase scuff marks now. Follow freaky shoes online and learn more about the ways to keep sneakers white and clean.

Ways To Erase Scuff Marks From Sneakers

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