Ways To Fix Holes In Shoes

Ways To Fix Holes In Shoes

Ways To Fix Holes In Shoes

If you love wearing your favorite pair of shoes, then you must have noticed that they might have started wearing out and having a few holes in them. Instead of purchasing new shoes, you can plug holes which form with adhesive and can also cover them with a small patch.

Patching the shoes can prevent dirt and rocks from entering the shoes so that you can wear them. It is a quick and cheaper option than buying new shoes. You can buy an adhesive sealant from an online store or a hardware shop.

Best adhesive to fix holes

There are various brands of adhesives that can be used well for shoe repairs like Liquid nails, shoe goo, gorilla glue and more. You can learn different reviews online for each product and can buy one which fits well according to your budget and needs.

You can create shoes from scratch. They leave a milky or clear film wherever it dries. They can be used for fixing holes in sneakers, leather shoes, and skate shoes. The shoe goo comes in black and clear.

Remove your insole

One can remove the insole if you are repairing a shoe sole. You can peel insole out from the bottom of your shoes. If the insole is glued at the bottom, then leave it as it is while repairing. Set your insole aside so that you can replace them later.

You can also go for a skate shoe customizer. For this, you need to apply duct tape over the hole and inside the shoes. Lay the sticky side of duct tape inside the shoes and cover your hole. This tape will act as adhesive filler for sticking.

Make sure your hole is properly covered. If you are not having a duct tape, make use of electrical tape. Squeeze the adhesive top of your holes. Gently tilt the bottle or glue tube over the hole and simply squeeze it so that glue can cover the hole completely.

It also works for shoes with writing on them.

Make sure your whole is covered with adhesive on your shoes outward portion else it will not give a watertight seal. It is also normal for the glue to get clumped over the hole. Don’t take stress over getting the adhesive for looking clean on shoes during its application.

Apply adhesive evenly

Let your shoe glue spread over the holes in an even layer. This adhesive can be too sticky in the beginning, so give it 1-2 minutes to let it dry, so that it can be hardened partially. It works for the best shoe designs as well. As soon as it gets hardened, make use of a wooden stick or finger for spreading the glue in an even layer on your shoes.

Don’t leave your finger or stick in one spot for too long, or it will get stuck on the glue. Let your adhesive dry overnight. Give your adhesive enough time for drying fully and forming a seal. The hole in the shoes can now be plugged up and is highly waterproof.

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Ways To Fix Holes In Shoes

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