Ways To Guard Your Handmade Painted Shoes

Ways To Guard Your Handmade Painted Shoes

Ways To Guard Your Handmade Painted Shoes:

The craze of painted and self-customized shoes is at its peak. Many people all around the globe are very much interested in making their shoes and altering them as per their imagination. Though the painting of shoes requires a lot of hard work still custom shoes are very popular as people like to show their creativity as well as skills.

When you have worked for hours to create your own sliders or to design, layout and paint your shoes, you anxiously wait for the moment when you will get to wear the shoes. It has been always the case for some people that when they finish their entire work of creating the shoes, they do not want to wear them because they are afraid that the shoes will get damaged.


Ways to protect your artwork

It will not be a fair thing to do that when you have put your entire soul in creating and design your own slides or any other type of shoes and last you are not getting ready for your pair of shoes.

So, here are some tips and tricks that have to be followed while the shoes are being painted and after they have been painted.


Plan the sneakers-The material of certain types of shoes is not suitable or adaptable to the paint. Before applying paint on the shoes, the shoes needed to be prepped properly so the paint becomes adaptable to the material of the shoes. The factory-made shoes come with a glossy covering on its top and it is important to use leather preparer to get the shoes suitable for the painting.


Superior quality paint-When you custom your own slides, there should be no compromise in the quality of the paint being used. The superior is the paint quality, longer will the paint stay on the shoes. If there is a substitute that is available in the same quality but at a cheaper price, then it can be used. Use acrylic leather paint shoes to paint your custom leather sneakers as i8t will serve the best.


Give the paint proper time to dry- The basic rule that has to be followed when you create your own slides is to apply even and a thin layer of paint on the shoes so that the paint can adjust properly to the material of the shoe. The thick layers of paint can lead to uneven painting and can also give your shoe a shabby look.


Give a protecting layer to your paint- When the procedure to customize your own slides has finished, then comes the final and very important step which involves the application of sealant. The sealants work to guard your hard work and are present in many types of finishes such as matte, normal, or glossy.


So, after following the above steps you will be able to protect your artwork on the shoes, and in the end, there will be a self custom shoe that will look similar to the factory finished shoes.

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