Ways To Keep Sockless Summer Shoes Smell Good

Ways To Keep Sockless Summer Shoes Smell Good

Ways To Keep Sockless Summer Shoes Smell Good:

Some of the shoes are good at wearing without any socks, mainly during the summer months. Whether you like wearing boat shoes, flats, loafers or sandals, here are some of the ways for keeping the kicks from smelling nasty.

Here’s how you can do keep them stink-free in the following ways,


 Ways To Keep Sockless Summer Shoes Smell Good


Keep your feet dry with the best use of dedicated foot powders

The shoes are subjected to a lot of moisture and heat, and when you don’t wear any socks, there is no way for keeping that moisture away. You cannot do anything about heat, but one can keep things dry with foot powder.

At such affordable prices, you can get your hands on the medicated foot powder that can last during the whole summer. Moreover, you can use baby powder for keeping your things dry.


Wash your feet

When it comes to waving a hand to foot odor, a little washing can help a lot. The reason why your shoes turn stinky is because of the odor that causes bacteria that like to stay in the feet and then gets spread inside of your shoes. They live off dead skin and sweat, which makes the inside of the sockless shoes a prime real estate for these little guys.

For combatting the stink, start with a regimen of foot washing. Lather your feet well with soap for helping them in reducing the bacteria and clean them with a washcloth for removing dead skin as easily as you can.

Simply stand in the shower and let your soap wash down the body to the feet which don’t count. If you don’t have time for washing, the alcohol-based products as antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer can be used that works in a pinch.


Make use of a foot spray

Foot odor is even similar to the odor of armpit, so it makes sense that the products which are designed for underside of the arms that can work best for another high-sweat area of body too. You can also make use of an antiperspirant spray.

The spray variety also helps in giving more coverage for foot and can get it the crannies and nooks between the toes. The regular deodorant also helps as they are alcohol-based.


Use activated charcoal in your shoe soles

If the shoes are not too cramped, your insoles can be an easy and quick odor prevention method. You can get insoles in the market which are made of terrycloth that is best designed for absorbing and wicking the sweat. The best thing you can use is activated charcoal.

It is incredibly absorbent and porous enough. These insoles are a safe bet and one can also find four pairs at reasonable prices.


Discreet socks

You can also get your hands on discreet socks like loafer socks, liners, boat shoe and more. They all are responsible for wicking and absorbing sweat from the feet, so they don’t get absorbed in the shoes.

This is how you can keep your shoe stink-free. Visit www.freakyshoes.com for more amazing ideas today.



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