Ways To Make Sneakers Not Slippery

Ways To Make Sneakers Not Slippery

Ways To Make Sneakers Not Slippery:

A slippery sneaker can be a major problem and even an embarrassment for you. It is because when you slip & fall, it may hurt and can cause injuries. Well, you can now say bye to slippery sneakers by following some simple techniques.


Tips to prevent slipping

No matter, whether you want to prevent slipping during a basketball game or while walking in a shopping mall, these tips can best help you in keeping you & your sneakers secured enough while walking.

Let’s get started and learn some easy methods to prevent sneakers from getting slippery

  • You can sand the bottom of the sneaker with sandpaper. This helps in roughening up the shoe sole and causes good

    traction between the sneakers & ground when you run or walk.


  • Rub the sneakers soles against the curb or a road. This holds a similar effect as using sandpaper and doesn’t need any

    additional materials.


  • Spray some hair spray on the bottom of your shoes. You might need to apply the spray again as they wear off with use

    and time. A bit of stickiness of hair spray prevents shoes from slipping and creates good traction with the ground.


  • Wipe the bottom of your shoes with a paper towel and a damp cloth. It is because of the grime and dirt build-up on

    treads of your sneakers and creates a smooth surface that might slip when they come in contact to smooth flooring.

    Wiping shoes helps in restoring treads to working conditions.


  • Cut some lines in shoe soles with a scissor or with a knife. Don’t dig very deep in your sole, simple lightly score it.

    This helps in adding traction to your sneakers.


Adding grip

Sometimes your shoes also wear out their grip when you walk constantly in them or when you put them on a regular basis. If in case you don’t want to change your shoes, then try using an anti-skin pad. These pads are known as self-adhesive which gets stick to the bottom of the shoes and helps in preventing sliding on the slippery, sticky and wet surfaces.

For events, if in case you are wearing your shoes then try adding heel cap in your shoes. It is true that finding stability and balance can be a bit tough when you wear a pair of shoes, no matter whether it is casual footwear or a sneaker.


Add an insole

In such a condition, adding an insole can help as it caters to the foot. This prevents you from falling on the face and even insoles offer great arch support and relieve back pain.

Freaky shoes also recommend scuffing the soles. This may sound a bit counterproductive but it largely helps in adding traction to shoes. These shoes help in enhancing the grip. Scuffing the soles of shoes is also easy and they don’t require any additional purchases even.

Walking on rough grounds or sandpaper as mentioned above can best help in improving traction and assists a lot in preventing slipping. Check out the latest shoes and styles on Freaky shoes today.



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