Ways To Recycle Old Running Shoes

Ways To Recycle Old Running Shoes

Ways To Recycle Old Running Shoes:

The running shoes don’t have a longer life span as compared to the shoes which you wear regularly. They are the ones which get beat up, soaked in sweat and their cushioning also wears out before its upper gets toast.

This means running shoes don’t last for long, as we want them to. But there are few ways for extending the life of running shoes, and they wear out eventually, no matter how great you take care of these shoes.

Here are a few ways with which you can recycle your running shoes.


Where to recycle your running shoes?

There are two recycling programs which will take your old running shoes. They are the ones which accept different shoes and also comes with various applications.



It is a popular company which works for recycling things which cannot be recycled easily. From cigarette butts to food wrappers, e-waste, water filters and more, the Terracycle works in more than 20 countries for eliminating waste.

With Terracycle, one can buy footwear and shoes zero waste box, that accepts all kinds of shoes.


The waste is aggregated at their center and then sent to the processor where collected waste is manually and mechanically separated in plastics, fibers, and metals. The TerraCycle helps a lot in making new materials by disposing the waste in the right manner.


Reuse-A-Shoe of Nike

Nike is also known for the program for shoe cycling, called Reuse-A-Shoe. This is one free program that accepts the athletic shoes, that should be dropped off at Nike store. They use these collected shoes for making running surfaces and athletic apparel, such as playing fields, courts, and tracks.

It accepts the athletic shoe brands, but they are unable to recycle the sandals, shoes, boots or dress shoes with spikes, cleats or metal.


Where you can donate running shoes?

The running shoes are not always a great item for donating to the second-hand store. They are an item which people don’t want to reuse generally. However, if your shoes are not worn out totally, you have some donation options beyond a local thrift store.

May be your shoes don’t fit right anymore or your kid's shoes have outgrown quickly. Such shoes are the perfect gift for someone that needs them and various organizations can help you well.


Ways to reuse old shoes

If there is a problem like the cushioning of your shoes have worn out, consider repurposing the old running shoes. You can use old shoes for cutting the grass or wear them while working in a garden.

Throw off your grubby pair, so that you don’t have to stress over them. You can also cut off backs and use them as your slip-on when you take your dog out. When your running shoes are all set to be retired, consider repurposing, donating or recycling it in the best way for cutting down the waste and improving someone’s life.

Ways To Recycle Old Running Shoes

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