Ways To Repair Leather Shoes In Easy Steps

Ways To Repair Leather Shoes In Easy Steps

Ways To Repair Leather Shoes In Easy Steps:

Have your favorite leather kicks have just got cracked and had creased? You might get a hole or split which may tear them. Here are some of the DIY hacks that can be followed for repairing leather shoes so that they look amazing always.

The leather shoes are a real investment, the longer you have them, the more comfort they offer. Here are some of the tips that can help in caring for your kicks just like a professional shoe cleaning service.


Learn how to resole a shoe or hole in the leather boots and shoes?


You can extend the life of your comfortable kicks with easy repairing methods. Here what you can do for an easy shoe fixing place.


Things you need

  • A kit for a leather repair

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Cotton swab

  • Clean cloth

  • Newspaper

  • Scissor


  • Clean the loose dirt and dust from shoes with a damp cloth

  • Use a cotton swab dipped in the rubbing alcohol, clean around and it’s damaged area.

  • Unpack the full content of the leather repairing kit.

  • Take backing material and cut pieces in the same shape, but it should be larger than a tear.

  • If the edges of the leather tear are not even, then trim it carefully so that they are ragged

  • Take leather adhesive from the kit and use a selection of colors for getting exact color matching. You can find a handy color chart and it includes an empty pot for mixing and small spatula too.

  • Place some adhesive on the backing patch and easily secure it underneath tear.

  • Apply adhesive over its tear, fill your hole until it gets leveled with edges.

  • Let the adhesive dry for some time.


As soon as it is dried, make use of fresh cotton which is dipped in the rubbing alcohol for blending adhesive into tear edges. You might need some pressure for doing this, so pad the shoe with a newspaper or place your hands inside your shoes.

Polish shoes well for finishing them.


Repair a crack in the leather shoes

Sometimes crack in shoes and boots make them look worn out and old. For this, you don’t need to replace heels on boots or anything else like this. You just need to be aware of some simple hacks that can help in repairing cracks.

Either you can follow the above method for filling cracks or clean your shoes, put some leather adhesive in cracks and even it out with the best help of a cotton swab and alcohol, once it is dried.


Now you don’t have to look out for places that fix shoes, you can easily fix cracks on your leather boots. These tips can make your shoes look good as new just like the shoe dyeing service.

The leather shoes come very pricey and replacing them needs huge bucks. So next time when you or your friends are searching for a place from where to get shoes dyed, simply give them these quick hacks and tips to sort out their problems of leather shoe cracks.


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