Ways To Scuff Up Your Favorite New Shoes

Ways To Scuff Up Your Favorite New Shoes

Ways To Scuff Up Your Favorite New Shoes:

If you like the distressed look, you already probably have perfectly distressed jeans. You might be wishing for a leather jacket, but wearing new shoes can ruin your whole look. Well, whether your shoes are made of canvas, leather or denim, you don’t have to wait for long years for making them look like used. You just need to scuff them on your own.


Distressing leather shoes and boots

Take your laces off. This way you will not damage the laces and can get better access to the hidden surfaces of shoes. Specifically, you can get better access to its tongue, if you want to scuff them.

Scuff up the footwear with sandpaper. The sandpaper can grind into leather, scratching the surface without causing the real damage. One can fold a sheet of sandpaper in half and can rub it on the shoe vigorously. Focus largely on toe and heel, where you can find more wear on naturally worn shoes.


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Then wear down the rest of your shoe as per your liking. Hit the same with a hammer. Wrap that hammer in a cloth for avoiding causing damage accidentally on the shoe than intended. Hold the hammer near the head and then hit the shoes from about 8 inches.

This can allow every hit for scuff shoes without going through accidentally or crushing them. Start with toes and heel until they are scuffed. When dealing with the boots, fold your top of boot over toes and then hit it.

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Fold it back towards the heel and then hit again. An added benefit to this technique is, it softens up a new leather and makes them more wearable. One can make use of acetone for stripping dye. Add a tablespoon of acetone on a clean cloth & rub the shoes with a cloth.


This can lift the dye from shoes and the cloth, creating spots where the leather is a bit darker than others, mimicking the signs of regular use. One can be highly creative with this one step & experiment.


You can also get in touch with a custom shoe manufacturer for the same. You can grind a hacksaw along the curves of the shoe. This can cause serious scuffing to the shoes and can imitate years of tough wearing. Start from the top of the toes, and grind it into leather, following the curves until you slide off the shoe front.


Handle carefully

If you are satisfied enough with the depth of scuff, you can repeat the whole process, changing the angle for creating new damage. If you want to beat the shoes up, then run them over with a car.


Tips: The grit of the sandpaper you use isn’t that important with denim or canvas. With leather, the finer grit can scratch up the surface without damaging too severely.

Warning: Be careful while making use of a hacksaw for scuffing the shoes. The hand which holds the shoe can be safely kept away from hacksaw’s trajectory.

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