What Are Jordan Shoes Made Out Of?

What Are Jordan Shoes Made Out Of?

What Are Jordan Shoes Made Out Of:

You can never miss out the Jordon sneakers when it comes to the evolution of sneakers. Jordon shoes are known for their versatility, styling, designing, and rich technology. They are created for the greatest athletes of all time and are coaxed by best and innovative designers.

When it comes to know as to what are the materials with which the Jordon shoes are made, then you must know after every launch, these shoes came out with a different designing pattern. This means they must have used various materials for designing the same.


Let’s have a look at each of them


1. Air-Jordon 1: This was the very first sneaker that came into the market. It had a high-cut designing and had a cup sole. Nothing can be amazing like an original sneaker and these shoes were the real game-changers.

Jordon wore these shoes in his first NBA game and broke rules every time he put them on after it. This means that these shoes are not in color but Jordon wore them and he was also fined with $5,000 when he wore them in NBA games.


2. Air-Jordon II: The main reason as to why people around wanted to “Be like Mike” was because they have never witnessed any person soar through the air as he did it. The air Jordon II was released soon after the MJ’s second season in the National basketball association and he wore them when he won his crown of Slam Dunk.


3. Air Jordon IV: The designer of Jordon shoes broke the ground with its new launch. These shoes demonstrated a better look as they came up with a translucent gum sole. These sneakers appeared magical in its look and also offered a high-end grip on the parquet flooring.


4. Air Jordon VI: This has made it to the top list as they were the shoes that Jordon sported when he took his very first NBA championship in the year 1991. These sneakers have a cool high-top and dark color black tone, along with the bright red color areas and some mini air bubbles.

It has a 2-sided rubber tongue that made things easier enough to slip the bad boys on.

These shoes also stood out as they were the very first sneaker by Nike that didn’t feature its swoosh logo.


5. Air Jordon X: These shoes came up with a rich solution for solving the problem of weight. It has a new phylon midsole that was light enough and comfortable.


6. Air Jordon XI: These shoes had a carbon fiber sole shank which increased its stability level and was stronger enough.


7. Jordon XII: These shoes had a zoom air technology and a system of low-profile cushioning that featured a pressurized air unit and contained high-tensile fibers. They stood effective enough due to their cushioning system.


All the above-mentioned Jordon shoes display that each one of them is made of different materials, as per their launch and style. Get your hands on our own Freaky Shoes Custom sneakers today on freakyshoes.com.



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