What Are Light Up Hoodies?

What Are Light Up Hoodies?

What Are Light Up Hoodies?

Turn yourself into a breathing and living glowstick whenever you wear the light up hoodies. They come along with a special UV key chain & a laser which allows everyone for creating the custom design and crazy slogans that make them as the best outfit for all concert, parties, and rave.

The led hoodies have the EL wire which runs around its front seam & hood, which glows in various colors and in fast and slow blinking modes. The EL stands for the electroluminescent, and it is a wire which lights up when they are powered by the electricity from the battery.

Most of the light up hoods can be charged easily with AA batteries that are hidden in the hoodie's pocket. These hoodies are turning popular all around the world. They are worn by the glam rock stars, celebrities and now by the common people too.


Where you can wear light up hoodies?

The light up hoodies are highly popular among old and young both, they are turning as the one-stop choice for music concerts, festivals, while jogging at night, during funky celebrations, discotheques, night-outs and more.

Lot of youngsters these days also wears the light up clothing and even older people have fallen in love with it. The people who cycle or jog at night, prefer wearing them so that it can make them visible to others in the dark.

You can also find adult light up shoes in the market which come with rechargeable batteries and can be worn while jogging, in parties, festivals and in any place of your choice. These shoes have a utmost comfort level that can be enjoyed by every wearer.

Moreover, many of the light up hoodies have an option of a sound-activated pack of battery, that makes the wires of EL light up to the sound of music. They are a bit expensive. A lot of skateboarders also love wearing the led shoe lights and they act as the great combination when they are worn while riding on the hoverboard.


How to take care of your LED clothing?

No matter, whether you have purchased light up shoes, hoodies, light up backpacks or any other similar stuff, the extra care of these items is a must. Although they are made of good material, you need to be a bit careful while washing them.

One thing is important; they should be washed on delicate and cold mode if you are washing them in the machine. Make sure you don’t put them in a dryer. So what else you want? Bring new life to your choice of music with these lights up hoodies.

The light up hoodies is water-resistant, light in weight, reactive to sound and compatible with few apps for giving everyone complete control over the festival and party experience.

The Freaky Shoes is also a best-selling platform from where you can make an easy purchase of these revival hoodies and similar LED shoes or other stuff. Get ready to turn the bright lights of music festivals into your identity with the light up apparel.



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