What Are The Distinguishing Features Of Diabetic Shoes?

What Are The Distinguishing Features Of Diabetic Shoes?

What Are The Distinguishing Features Of Diabetic Shoes?


The people suffering from diabetes have to go through a lot of suffering and they have to also compromise in a lot of things in life. The physical health of a person gets directly affected by this disease and poses certain restrictions on the physical life of a person. This disease also affects the foot as well as the legs of a person which seems to be a very integral part of a person’s life.

So, to protect the foot of a diabetic person, there are special diabetic shoes that are designed to provide comfort to a person suffering from diabetes. The diabetic shoes have special distinguished features and they are not the same as the custom slides with logo. So, a diabetic person should follow a foot care schedule and should wear foot accessories that are suitable for him.


Exceptional characteristics of a diabetic shoe

Diabetic shoes are specially made to protect the feet of a diabetic patient from various troubles like the poor circulation of blood and skin break downs. The features of a diabetic shoe are as follows-

Shielding interior-The interior of a diabetic shoe is not the same as the interior of custom wholesale shoes. The interior of a diabetic shoe is very defensive and the inside of the shoe is made of a fairly pliable material that provides comfort to the shoes of a diabetic patient. The interiors of the shoes are made with minutest details so that at any cost the foot of a patient is not interrupted.

Enlarge uppers-If you are a diabetic patient and want to design a shoe of your own, then you must ensure that the uppers of the shoe are stretchable so that the shoes provide maximum comfort to your foot and also take notice of the shape of the foot of a diabetic patient.

Additional depth structure-When people customize your own slides shoes, those shoes do not have an extra depth which is important for a diabetic patient. There should be extra space in a diabetic patient’s shoe as the foot of a diabetic patient is responsive and has to be dealt with extra care. So, the extra space in the shoe will allow the patient to insert the special orthotic insoles.

Manifold widths-The diabetes patient’s foot should not be tightly packed inside a shoe, to ensure this the width of the shoes is made wide so that the foot of a person has enough space to move his foot. So, if a diabetic patient designs your own shoes online, he must keep in mind that he should choose between the various options of the width that are wide or extra wide.

So, in conclusion a diabetic patient should take the utmost care of the foot and the type of footwear that is suitable to its foot, which provides him with extra comfort and supports the feet to function properly. The diabetic shoes are not at all similar to the normal shoes as diabetic shoes have many functions to fulfill.

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