What is a Vegan Shoe

What is a Vegan Shoe

What is a Vegan Shoe:

Shoes for ages have contributed to the fashionable look that individuals are these days yearning for. They have grown in popularity due to their uniqueness, and instinctively, they are an identity signature to many. Having the best shoe boosts one’s confidence and morale. Therefore, with the right footwear, you can easily win that business deal.


Leather has always been a dominant texture in the market for many shoe brands. It was loved for its longevity, but times have changed as vegan items have jammed the industry. Mostly, when one is described as being vegetarian, their meals include animal products, and they prefer to distance themselves from such commodities; this has even extended to footwear.


For this reason, many businesses have developed technologies that are incorporated in making leather, wool, and fur-free shoes, freakyshoes.com is therefore there to attend to your needs.

Our firm, Freaky Shoes, is forever dedicated to meet the increased demand and satisfy our ever-growing clientele since we stock Vegan foot ware that ranges from flip-flops to plimsols. The distinct diversity offered is a keen review of the selective material applied.


A lot of detailing is put into it to provide the best synthetic fabric that luck animal traces. This means that great value is attached to offering our customer quality and affordable vegan-friendly shoes.

In-depth, this blog will look to expand and develop a more profound understanding of what it entails a shoe to be vegan.


The Rise Of Vegan Leather

To begin with, just as some of the companies grow from nothing to something, the same applies to vegan shoes. Researchers have it that by the end of 2030, the leather market would have reached a GDP of about $80 billion. This is an astonishing rise considering the number of people using this product. A move towards plant-based structures is undoubtedly a whole new chapter in vegan footwear.


Additionally, many materials can be used in place of animal hides, which is mind-blowing to vegan shoe-producing factories. The developing country will always have individuals with innovative minds. Some companies have managed to craft their vegan leather from coconut waste. With this, admittedly, big brains are at work. Similarly, vegan leather industries tend to reduce pollution by utilizing waste products that may affect the surrounding.


With high contrast to the traditional animal leather, it is evident that this has been identified as the most significant cause of environmental pollution. Therefore the production of animal leather is harmful, especially in terms of water scarcity. Of course, there is always different shoe for different occasions. Visit Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com to get your footwear because there is still a vegan shoe that fits you.


Materials Used

Many consumers and sellers tend to keep an open eye to the material involved to align with their beliefs and likings. From the above information, we have acknowledged what a vegan shoe is made from. However, it is essential to confirm that our company is equipped with shoes built from different synthetic fabrics that are significant components in these designs.


The purity and the numerous steps in coming up with alternative texture have made it easy to not only manufacture but also distribute fashionable and better vegan shoes. Freakyshoes.com offers durable products that clients rely on. Nonetheless, customers have become fond of this feature that differentiates our consumer-friendly brand from others.


These shoes are made from a variety of artificial threads that are mostly available and natural. Besides this, they don’t contribute to the destruction of exotic animals for their skin since an undesirable liking associated with businesses dealing with animal by-products exists in this enterprise. Micro fabrics like Polyurethane (PU), which is a plastic fused with a cotton backing,


EVA together with recyclable virgin rubber, canvas, and faux-leather are used is designing vegan shoes. These components make vegan footwear expensive compared to animal-based shoes. They have increasingly become famous in trends and also in the sporting world.


Environmental influence

The growth in world population and the ever-heightened human activities are continuously impacting the environment; therefore, coming up with an eco-friendly product is always a plus.

It is right to acknowledge that inanimate shoe products are not 100% environmentally friendly as they are said to leave tiny traces of carbon. On the other hand, compared to the manufacturing of animal hides, this would be viewed as a lesser evil since chemicals such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphate are part of the animal hides treatment employed to prevent it from decomposing. These are dangerous chemicals that need not be emitted into the environment.


Even though there is an argument between leather and synthetic manufacturing on their contribution to the environment, it is right to say that freakyshoes.com gives commodities that symbolically are traits of responsibility. Moreover, when in search of a shoe repair store near you, make sure that it one that understands these principles.



Looking for shoes that will make you stand out then foot ware made from this natural biodegradable material with antibacterial properties is one that you should take home because they are also beautiful.


Micro Suede

This fabric has attributes that likeness it to that of suede, but what makes it stand out is its knit blend. Unlike suede, faux suede tends to be soft, stain-proof, and resilient to liquids, making it a superior material to suede.



Canvas is an environment-friendly material manufactured from either cotton or linen, and it has become most common in sneakers. When waxed, it acquires a layer that makes it impossible for water to penetrate your shoe.



Rubber is extracted from the sap of a rubber tree. Besides, it is liked for its hardness and flexible attributes. This material is perfect, for it can be used for the outer sole, not forgetting that it is also recyclable. Additionally, it is used for other sections of the shoe.



When looking for comfortable shoes, with a long lifeline, look for one that has this texture. Furthermore, it’s friendly to the pocket and the environment because it is not only cheap but also biodegradable.


Micro Fibre

Microfibre is a light fabric that is a component of nylon. This is better material in shoes as it does not hold water hence an effective replacement for suede.



This textile contains antibacterial proponents. It’s mostly colorful as raw hemp has a high rate of absorbing natural dye.



Cotton, as a natural fabric, is comfortable and durable. The best thing about this material is that it can be manipulated to come up with designs that are fashionable and appealing to the eye.


How to identify Vegan shoes

While at the store and looking to purchase vegan shoes, it might be challenging if you are not well-equipped to differentiate whether the footwear is synthetic or not. In case you come by our shop, you will be given details on how to go about this.


Look for the label

Know that companies are always required by law to give details on the tab or label the components of the shoe from the outer surface to the inner part. In case the label says coated leather, fur, or any material with close association with a creature, don't buy it. Furthermore, you can visit freakyshoes.com if the tag does not provide finer details about the commodity in question.



Having information on the product is helpful when shopping for shoes. In most cases, the sticker appears at the base of the foot ware. These images indicate the fabric used in creating the shoe from the outer sole to the inner lining.


In addition, note that both coated leather and leather consist of a pictogram of animal hide. Whenever you identify a woven pattern, remember that it's a representation of natural or synthetic fibers. Moreover, don't be alarmed when picking the diamond-shaped shoe symbol since it is an indication that another material has been used on the foot ware; therefore, be aware that it is vegan-friendly.


Visit the company

One of the fastest uncomplicated means of verifying the components of the items is by finding from the original manufacturer. Contacting the company and not the shoe repair shops near me will provide detailed information about the shoe.


Shoe glue

The question about shoe glue doesn't cross the minds of synthetic fiber shoppers. For ages, the glue has been used in foot ware to hold it together. Initially, it was extracted from collagen found in animals like; pigs, cows, and horses.


A sharp rise in demand for vegan products has seen manufacturers shift from this type of gum to synthetic glues that are more effective and affordable. Manufacturers have gone the extra mile to provide information on glue as an element in the footwear.


Looking after your vegan shoes

Human-made material is as durable as animal products, but the challenge with leather, fur, and suede brands is that they are expensive to maintain. Vegan shoes have plastic traces that make it water-resistant and more stringent than non-vegan. The best way to have a longer life span is to care for them like babies.


Cleaning different vegan material

  • The best method to protect shoes rich in microsuede is to avoid putting them on during both the snow and rain seasons.

    It is good to clean it with a moist towel, and don't forget to add a spray protector into your maintenance list.


  • Producers, at times, give instructions on how to make your shoes clean. Therefore, it's vital, especially when dealing

    with shoes built from hemp or jute, to follow these steps to avoid ruining the foot ware because of ignorance.


  • A lot of care is needed when dealing with cotton. This material, when it comes into contact with water, reduces in size.

    The easiest way of dealing with this fabric in case it gets wet is to let it dry, fill it with rags to ensure that it maintains its shape.


  • Faux wool shoes are manageable, for they can be hand washed. Additionally, let them dry in the sun.


  • Use either suede or a soft shoe brush to get rid of dirt from shoes industrialized from recycled material.


Dedicated to Vegan ware

Freaky Shoes keeps on improving on sustainability as it delivers on forever eco-friendly commodities. This is attributed to the consumer's desire to look stylish in products that protect not only the surroundings but also the beautiful creatures.


We pride ourselves as a company that is making a difference in prioritizing animal-free foot ware in all of its shelves across the country. With this, we look to communicate to buyers, shoe repair shops, and manufacturers that vegan brands are amazing, and those who haven't moved on from animal leather need to fast as they are left out in making a difference.


The bottom line

Animals as creatures play a huge role in the entire ecosystem. Though many people may be ignorant of the things of the universe, they should be informed that a minimal product like a simple shoe has a substantial contribution to the environment.


The chemicals used in tanning leather, as described initially, are dangerous environmental pollutants. Therefore, you should consider companies that produce foot ware constructed from inanimate fiber that is less harmful both to animals and humans.


Vegan shoes are taking over the market as they are estimated to generate billions of money due to the growth of companies making unique designs that are not only durable but also comfortable and strong.


Moreover, maintaining shoes from recycled and natural material compared to animal leather is smooth. Since the fiber is mostly waterproof and cleaning is not such hustle, only water and soap will do the magic. Therefore, you encourage to possess footwear from brands that are environmentally conscious and have put in to play measures that working appropriate and look to limit animal cruelty.



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