What Is Iso Basketball?

What Is Iso Basketball?

What Is Iso Basketball:

Basketball is one of the most watch and love games, and it has increased in popularity across the world. It is defined by its uniqueness and how beautiful it is to watch the players performing their best when they are at the court.

However, the best moments in this game is when the team members go one on one against each other when the others stand to watch them as they try to showcase their talent and ability to play.

Moreover, in basketball, Iso means isolation. This is when the player goes one-on-one with one of the members from the opposite team to try and score for their team. For many occasions, this place is usually taken with the best player from both teams or that player that is given the okay with the coach.


At this time, the other player tries as much as they can to defend the opposing team from scoring. With time, since isolation made its way in basketball, it has been prevalent in most of the resent played games, and this shows you that it will be there to stay as long as basketball is still played.


If you are a fan of basketball, you will probably know the things discussed in this article. Isolation mostly happens to those teams that feel extremely confident once they possess the ball because they will want to show their ability and make sure that they score for their teams and work out with the title by the end of the game. Besides, isolation plays a significant role in a basketball match, which is when you can feel the goodness of this game.


Furthermore, with isolation, the striker and the opposite team's defender are left along to battle for the ball with any help from their teammates, which is why it is referred to as a one-on-one mismatch.

This is the best moment in the basketball games that many people, if not all, eagerly wait for because you can say that this is what keeps the players going. In most of the games that people have watched, they think a lot about Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson when it comes to isolation in the game.


When Does an Iso Happen?

You will be shocked to realize that this isolation thing in a basketball game is never planned for; it just happens out of the team members' knowledge. This is something that occurs between two players on the game.

For example, the guard and the center or when the players are on fire, and they want to do anything they to score for their team. It sometimes happens when the defensive player is in foul trouble, and they need to get it done the right way.


However, on most occasions in a game, isolation happens due to increasing the chances of scoring. This is when the players take advantage of the ability of the defense of the opposite team and score wherever they find any chance. Isolation gained its popularity since NBA 2k20, and it was substantially witnessed by the basketball hall of fame like James Jordan.


When The Players Are On Fire

This happens when the opposite team has scored, and the game is heating up. Other players may want to give the scorer another chance to try and score again, and most of the basketball players refer to this us the heat check.

In most cases, this is when the player introduces isolation and tries as much as they can to have another score. The leading team will try to add their point while the other will want to add up, and this will lead to isolation as both of the teams want to have the victory at the end of the game.


Moreover, the opposing team will not want to be defeated, thus using any means to ensure that they have the best performance. However, not all basketball teams use isolation to attack or defend their team. This is because most of the clubs are not conversant with this type of attack. It may only be seen in those teams that have an excellent reputation and achievement in this game.



In most cases, especially when the game is on, the players are likely to find themselves in a mismatch situation, such as the guard vs. the center. However, the player's mismatch might act as the speed advantage in the game as they are all after having a win by the end of the game.


However, when the center slightly plays off, this will give the guard will get a chance to easily jump and have an open shot to the opposing team. But when the center plays closely with the guard partner who is also a center but from the opposing team, the guard will have a rough time making a shot.

In some cases, the mismatch can happen when the guard's teammate (center) looks for a pick-and-roll chance. Also, a mismatch may occur when the defense player keeps on switching positions when they are playing.


Lastly, in some cases, isolation is not considered when there is a switching of players in a basketball game, especially when an undersized guard is guarding a big man on the defense. Of course, this will always be the big man's game because there is no way an undersized man can outsmart the big man in terms of the defense, which will be a great advantage to the big man.


Last Shot

This is the other time that you, as a basketball fan, will witness the isolation between the players again. It mostly happens when the game it at the end of the first in the second quarter as the players battle it out to score for their teams.

In this case, the player will only make a move when it is remaining a few seconds for the game to come to its quarter; however, that player will have to wait at the top of the key before he makes any move.


Moreover, the real reason why this player will be waiting for the right time is to figure out an idea of how to beat down the opponent and move straight to the basket. However, this player will only achieve this when guarded well with the teammates because it will be easy to make an open jump shop.

It is quite challenging for some players to take a shot when they are not guarded well, and that is why you will find out that they have lost several times in all their playoffs.


Isolation basketball is common in National Basketball Association (NBA). It has been a normal thing in most NBA games, especially since the step-back jump was invented in basketball. With the NBA rumors, it has become quite simple for the player to create a well-needed space for making a clear shot.

However, during this time, the attacker gives the defender a lot of pressure, making it difficult to prevent the shot from reaching the basket. Besides, the defender will want to play any game, especially when the attacker has mastered all the moves.


Most of the basketball team players will be more than willing to have the okay from their coach to try all they can in this game for them to have a win finally. However, isolation is not the only thing used, especially when a player wants to score because they can still use their creativity to score or go one-on-one with the opposing player and create a space to make a clear shot.


The Iso: Bragging Rights

Isolation has been considered a one-on-one form of attack in most NBA games where members from opposite teams try to battle it out to have a space to make a shot. Moreover, isolation can be done by any member of the team provided you have your chance because isolation will always be an effective way of creating chances of scoring in any game. It will also increase the players' performance both in handling the ball and creating space for scoring.


Best Iso Players in The NBA Today

it can also be called a hero ball; this means that the player in the game tries to create a space for the attacker to score. It also improves the game's flow, especially when the teams that are playing are all after looking for an opportunity to score.


However, despite its popularity, it may not be commonly used in some basketball clubs in the NBA. But those who have managed to use this form in their games have created a good impression and reputation for their names as they are considered the best of players in the National Basketball Association (NBA).


Furthermore, this article will take you through some of the players who have managed to make a name for themselves using isolation in most of their games. Several players are well known globally as basketball legend because of their form of scoring and attack when they are playing. Take a look at the following players and learn what they were capable of doing;


James Harden, Houston Rockets

He is one of the best performers in the NBA and has managed to play several since his basketball career started. However, the NBA players are measured with a stat to identify the total percentage they have during their time in the court under the total minutes of about 48.

Surprisingly, James Harden has managed to score a total of 37.5. it is quite proven that this player loves it when the ball is in his hands, and he has led several Iso plays in every game that he has participated in.


It may not seem to be that entertaining to most people, but to this legend, it is good because of how he is excellent at this Iso ball. His way of handling the ball and how he dribbles it has caught the eyes of many. During this season, Harden has double most of the Iso professionals rising to second place in the league. He scores an overall of seventeen points in every game he plays.


Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets

The shots and the moves this player makes when playing are countless and marvelous, so he can never go unnoticed because he is totally impressive. With his confidence to compete with anyone in the league, shows how this player is smart at his game. The NBA ESPN has recorded that this player's potential is quite high, and he can do better in his games.

He makes the fans to keep watching him, because of his quick moves and the skills he uses to perform at his best. The scoring of this player in Iso is only fourteen percent, with 39.5% in the Iso field goal percentage. He is only 6 points lower than the legend of the league, James Harden.


Drills to Become Better at Iso Ball

  1. Ball Handling

A player can only be identified as excellent in ball handling when he can show his ability to dribble the ball against his opponents without a single loss. However, a player can only achieve this when he is continuously training to add to what he already has. Frequent exercises will always make you improve on your ability to handle the ball.

  1. One-On-One

Iso is something that you can get from frequent practice because there is nothing good like playing one-on-one with your partner. Therefore, it will be good to use your free time to practice and get good at it. You will probably develop some of the nice moves when you are playing.

You can never expect to be the best, like James Harden and Kyrie Irving when you do not have time to train for what you desire. The traditional one-on-one games always accompany one-on-one drills, and this will significantly help you identify where your weakness and strength is and try to improve on them.


Bottom Line

You can easily make Iso ball easy and effective if only you decide to practice and use it in games to score for your team. You can make a highlight reel like James Harden, and Kyrie Irving did in using it when you are playing. You will probably be at another level in the NBA and not because you have the talent but because you chose to give it your best.


Iso ball has made it possible for the player to showcase their ability in their game. Therefore, if you want to be categorized under the best player in NBA history, you will have to practice and do your best. Lastly, if you want more information on the same, you can visit Freaky Shoes freskyshoes.com.



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