What Patterns Are Best For Walking Shoes?

What Patterns Are Best For Walking Shoes?

What Patterns Are Best For Walking Shoes:

Pay attention to the signs of wearing on soles & heels for knowing about the gait. When you keep on wearing the same shoes, one after the other, they start getting thin holes, minor tears and smoothed outsoles. This can tell a lot about your walking form, gait and also about your shoes.


Types of gait patterns



The pronation is one of the natural movements of the foot as you run or walk, with the foot rolling slightly in with every step.

The overpronation:

Here your ankle rolls downward and inward with every step and continues the motion when toes should start for pushing off. It also creates a twisting motion with toes that performs most of the work and can lead to shin splints and knee pain.

The under pronation:

It is also known as supination. This gait even causes the foot to roll outward with every step and puts more pressure on outside edges of small toes and feet. It is common in people with rigid and high arches.

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Different wear patterns

Heel Wear Patterns

A normal shoe wearing pattern for a person that has a natural gait, who neither supinates or overpronates. It rolls through every step from a heel strike to push off with big toes in a straight line.

You can use a reference when checking out the shoes for heel-wearing patterns. A neutral and normal gait will show a worn tread at the heel, especially toward its outside heel, as walkers strike with the heel at the beginning of every step. They will also see a worn tread below first & second toe, as it pushes off with toes after rolling through the step.

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The overpronators can see more heel wear in the middle of the heel and also toward the inner edge of the heel. The shoes might even tilt inward when they are placed on a flat surface. The under pronators and supinators can see a treadwear along the heel’s outer edge. When they are placed on a flat surface, these worn shoes can tilt outwards.

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Sole wear patterns

The worn soles signify that one should replace the sneakers. The shoes are designed for showing the wear on the sole with a bit change of color that can help in persuading you that it is time for replacing the shoes.

Some signs can assist in determining what your sole wearing pattern can mean

The neutral gait can show where it’s under the big toe. They naturally push off the first toe without any excessive rotation during the stride.


An overpronator can see the worn off spot even towards the big toe side of the sole.

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The wear is along the outside edge of shoes, closer to little toe that is typical of the supination. The changes in the color show a lot of wear on the heel. At the toes, one can see no wear on inside to the middle portion of the sole.

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What Patterns Are Best For Walking Shoes?

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